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  1. I just bought one and have lots of questions. Are you still active here?

  2. This is not true, Gibson will offer ebony and rosewoood as soon as they have reliable legal suppliers. If you notice, the price on these baked board guitars is roughtly $200-$1000 less then regular Gibson's. This is about the smartest marketing ploy Harry came up with. Offer a new fingerboard and not charge out through the butt like it was ebony and rosewood. You open a new market to players who maybe did not have the money for a traditional Standard or Custom. Give a few of the options of the older guitars and voila, you have buyers who did not want a Studio or Faded something to buy. They get a top quality playing guitar for a middle of the road price. I think you can expect Gibson's prices to come down a bit on the higher end stuff once wood suppliers are lined up. The baked board guitars are very popular so the higher priced models have to be cometitively priced enough so that people are willing to spend a little more I think the future for Gibson is brightening. If their attention to build quality stays good, a lot of Harry's problems will disappear
  3. Dunlops work the best, especially since a lot of the old Norlins came with Gibson straplocks and the Dunlops fit perfectly
  4. This a is a huge loss, the man had skills and a voice. Few could wring a Les Paul's neck for all the emotion in his solos RIP Gary
  5. Either that or it was just a factory error
  6. Looks like a fake to me, look at the control knobs, they are mis-aligned. Frets are wrong type, does not look like a refret. It's pretty easy to call Robin's and have them look at the auction to verify it $27k opening bid with 4 crappy images and no back of headstock shot? No image of the back of the neck so as to verify no scarf joint and serial number? Looks like it was left in a smokers living room for several months Run screaming in the other direction
  7. Been wanting a Les Paul again but was not the least interested in the newer weight-relieved, chambered, robots and all the reissue gimmickery so patience paid off with this case queen. This guitar is totally original, nothing molested with. The binding is still snow white as is the nut. A few pic scuffs and swirls, otherwise a true time capsule. T-Top loaded factory chrome hardware weapon of destruction that weighs 10.8lbs Love the ebony board, just like on my e/2's. This is a non-pancake body also, solid mahogany back. Having fun playing AC/DC and KISS stuff. The inlays are incredible, this was the 6th production model of August out of the Nashville plant. Looks like the builders were on their A game that day as this is truely and incredible playing, sounding and looking Les Paul Custom I have received a zillion emails complimenting this guitar as one of the nicest '79 Black Beauty's on the planet. I am quite happy to give her a home Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! May another Gibson be in your future! Ron
  8. 1979 Black Beauty w/ factory chrome hardware Great guitars in this thread!
  9. I would look at the pickup heights. Rule of thumb (Bill Lawrence recommendation) is two nickels width under the low E and a single nickel width under the high E. Of course, you need to fret the highest fret to do the adjustment. If they are too low, they will sound crappy
  10. Is this somehow related to the SG GT series? Same material construction?
  11. Swapped a Burstbucker V and Classic '57 over the old vintage X2N/PAF Dimarzio combo. Cover's have a nice aged look to go with the guitar. Sounds great I am selling the original "X2N Power Plus" which is the first generation of the X2N, about 11" of lead. The PAF is a original 70s square tabber, about 2" of lead, enough to hook up with a jumper. PM me if interested
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