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  1. Yes, it does. But that's not what it would be called by Gibson. If that is a real Gibson. Call or write to Gibson with your serial number, they will tell you all about it.
  2. Sorry, but it is indeed a "recreation", specifically called a reissue. Back then they could be had w/o varitone, and the MHS pups are the reissue pups Gibson uses. Not to mention all the other reissue-only specs. So it it hardly false advertising and it is no longer available because it is a 2015 model. I have a '64 ES-345 reissue with varitone and a Maestro (my avitar), and I love it, too. But that doesn't make this one an imposter.
  3. Both Ebay and Reverb have "sold" listings. That is where to look. But still take with a grain of salt.
  4. It does not look to be in a place where one would find structural damage, so even if you can feel it, it should not take much to smooth it up. It is, after all, used. If everything else checks out and it is a "good one", I wouldn't let that stop me. Are you sure that Explorer is "way lighter" than your Studio??
  5. ^this^ pretty wells says it. Yes, it is really good. It is not neutered, just less bling. It doesn't just say "Gibson", it says "ES-335" too. That cannot be said of other lesser models in other model lines. I have a 2016 along with other 3x5s, including reissues, so I can make a fair comparison. Good enough to be arguably more bang for the buck. Advice is as always, play as many as you can, and try to pick a good one.
  6. Not really any of that. Most model numbers of just about anything you can think of is a code, and it is only used to identify what it is. Model numbers virtually never spell out the info they contain. One has to expect that. Anyway, nice to see you're getting a good one! I'm sure you will really enjoy it!
  7. It is an M, and it is for the Maestro. That last digit 1 is not for "first quality". That's badly rumored meaning that is not only not true, it doesn't even make sense. A second would not change a model number! Gibson has not marked seconds for many year. And that marking has never been part of the model number, it was stamped on the guitar. And the guitars have never had the model number stamped on them. Anyway, Gibson wouldn't give me (or anyone else I know of) a direct answer as to what that digit does mean. Only my guess, but it may be the market it was made for, and 1 obviously would be the US market. 3 may be the Japanese market.
  8. Wmachine


    Yeah, but that's all insignificant detail hardly worth mentioning.
  9. Wmachine


    Okay, if that's your point, and not belittling the sig as is usually done, then I "take it back". Yes, good point then, too. it is a bit convoluted that his sig ends up on a modern SG even when it is supposed to honor him. I would even agree it would have been more appropriate to leave it off the SGs.
  10. I see that is really an entry level ES model. First I seen or heard of an ES model that didn't come with a hard case. "The new instant classic" Yeah, that's marketing for you. Guess they don't know how ridiculous that sounds.
  11. Wmachine


    You may think making fun of one of the last Les Paul signatures is funny, but that is just plain disrespectful. Not the least funny.
  12. ^This^ for sure. Great pups and so make sure that's what you get!
  13. Thanks,BigKahune. Now that I know someone is collecting this info, I'll give you whatever I run into to help the cause. I'm quite familiar with this type of research and evidence gathering. I'll be more than happy to help. FWIW, it seems that model number on inside labels are really hodge podge and incomplete. More like an abbreviated description. Not matching the model number on the COA. BTW, that model number I gave you is my 2016 Memphis '64 ES-345 TDC Maestro VOS Sixties Cherry.
  14. Wmachine


    I bought one, same color even, back when they were blowing them out. I already have another Standard, but I was curious about this and figured I'd probably just flip it. But I'm impressed. The '61s are enough different. Top shelf quality. Turns out to be a keeper. Enjoy!
  15. I really challenge some of your conclusions, like DT. Some of what may appear to be inconsistencies are simply because an assumed meaning is not correct. Not to say there are not inconsistencies. But I can tell you that the H in CH is definitionally not Hardware. Find a Les Paul with a Floyd and tell me what the model number is? I can tell you it has a F, not a H. I have an ES with a Maestro that is ES456416SCGM1. And I've seen lots more examples too. So again, certain presumptions have been made that are just not true. Sometime one has to use counter-logic too. H really can't mean hardware. Gold, Nickel, Chrome means the hardware color. The second digit would be meaninglessly redundant if that were true. But it is not, as other letters do exist, but are relatively rare in Gibson models. One thing for sure, the inconsistencies make this really difficult. And I don't know why Gibson can't be more help either.
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