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  1. That pretty much sums it up both in question and answer. When the reissues came out with the original MHS pups, there was criticism about the reissues not being bright enough, Mostly was the pups, partly the nylon saddles. But the truth is, they really were vintage accurate. The "critics" were not happy because of their preferences, not because they were vintage inaccurate. So much for misplaced criticism. The MHS II pups were then used to appease those critics. But they are not more historically accurate. So make you choice according to what you really like.
  2. You can't talk about DA guitars like they are all the same. There are US made ones, and 3 other series. Deluxe, Excel, and Premier. All 4 listed top to bottom. You often can get the same model from all 4. Most Premiers are Chinese, and can be bought cheap. DAs are known for having way too high "regular" prices and are often on sale new for 50% off. A decent sale, but not as great as it sounds due to the high regular prices. I have a DA Deluxe SS. Excellent Korean made Semi hollow with an ebony fretboard. Flawless fit and finish with a fair amount of bling. Excellent electronics, plays like a dream and sound great. But that's 2 series above a Premier.
  3. The Sprints were a late year model for those that didn't like some of the regular 2015 features like the auto-tuners, wide neck, and LP signature.
  4. Why are the questions being asked after sending it back? It is pretty well know that especially with ES models, there are (simply) good ones and not so good ones. And to send back a potentially good one for something like that is unthinkable to me. I'd be far far more concerned about that than knob heights. But that's just me.
  5. I think you'll find the negative reviews of the 2015s to be from mass hysteria about insignificant details from afar, not from those that actually put one in their hands. And notice you will find more recent reviews are positive. You don't see ones saying "I just got a 2015 and it sure is crap". I have one of those SG Specials I bought new for dirt cheap because of that hysteria. I have a 2013 SG so I was more just curious about the 2015, thinking I check it out and resell it before long. I still have it. Lots up deluxe feature for being a Special. Great quality, fit and finish. The '61 zebra pups are really good and do bring something different to the table than the the 490s in my 2013. The wide neck is strictly a matter of preference, and is fine with me. So it plays great. The robo tuner still work fine, but I won't hesitate to replace it with standard tuner is that becomes a problem. Not an issue for me. To me, it is as good as most SG Standards.
  6. I think that is just being passive aggressive if that is truly the case. Not liking the aesthetic? That signature is Les Paul if you don't like it, that's disrespectful. Nobody says you has to like it. But to speak negatively about it and make fun of it is just wrong. That is holding one's opinion of how it looks in higher regard than that signature. That is a terrible display of self importance. That is disrespectful. There is no way to whitewash that.
  7. Sure, and that is supposed to make you feel better? Do you say that every time you hear the truth? You must have really enjoyed being part of the 2015 hysteria. It has been discussed many times since then objectively and 2015 are truly great ones. So you can quit banging that drum.
  8. The replacements are titanium, not chrome plated. And it is really no big deal to replace them. Brass has been used on saddles, so it shouldn't have really been a wear issue. Possibility the particular brass used was off-spec. As for the signature, in honor of Les, Gibson used the last know signature of Les. That makes it especially cool to me. Gibson did nothing wrong there, the problem is that you and quite a few others have no respect for that signature. That's a poor refection of you and the rest of the critics, not Gibson.
  9. At the risk of feeding the trolls, the same could more so be said for you. You obviously don't know what happened or what the real question was, so as the saying goes, you don't have to make a worthless smart-*** answer.
  10. That is a half answer at best. In most cases, you can contact Gibson with the serial number and get the model and specs. So in the big picture, the serial number CAN get you the specs. Far too much hashing the little points here and making bad analogies that keeps the OP from getting what actually can be had.
  11. That's the most logical explanation that they had a small run done. But not for the model I have, because every other one I've seen of that model does not have one. And I'd like to find *any* other Memphis guitar that came with one, but so far have not found any. That's one of the reasons I've posted about it, hoping to find another somewhere.
  12. Yes, one can get a cover with custom text on it. But that is not what mine is. I'll say it again, it came from the factory with that.
  13. I wouldn't say just as illusive. I have a few of the models with F hole covers, and have seen many others. But I've never seen another one that says Memphis on it. I'm still trying to find out if and where they ever used that cover.
  14. I am far from an expert here. No hands on experience with the vintage models but do own a few reissues. From what I read on others experiences, the vintage '60s were not considered to be that bright. When Memphis was making the last of their reissues, there were some that thought they were not bright enough. Certainly they were not as bright as the regular models, but the consensus was though they were not as bright, they did indeed more accurately nail the '60s sound. One contributing factor was the nylon saddles. Swapping them out for titanium saddles would brighten up the sound but ultimately take away from the historic accuracy of the sound, For what that's worth.
  15. The aforementioned cover. Now I have a puzzle I've not been able to solve. I have a 2015 reissue '54 ES-175D VOS with this Memphis cover on it. Bought it new, came this way from Memphis. Never seen this cover anywhere else. Including on others of the this model of which there were supposedly only 50 made. Gibson had no answers for me about this.
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