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  1. Wmachine


    Yeah, but that's all insignificant detail hardly worth mentioning.
  2. Wmachine


    Okay, if that's your point, and not belittling the sig as is usually done, then I "take it back". Yes, good point then, too. it is a bit convoluted that his sig ends up on a modern SG even when it is supposed to honor him. I would even agree it would have been more appropriate to leave it off the SGs.
  3. I see that is really an entry level ES model. First I seen or heard of an ES model that didn't come with a hard case. "The new instant classic" Yeah, that's marketing for you. Guess they don't know how ridiculous that sounds.
  4. Wmachine


    You may think making fun of one of the last Les Paul signatures is funny, but that is just plain disrespectful. Not the least funny.
  5. ^This^ for sure. Great pups and so make sure that's what you get!
  6. Thanks,BigKahune. Now that I know someone is collecting this info, I'll give you whatever I run into to help the cause. I'm quite familiar with this type of research and evidence gathering. I'll be more than happy to help. FWIW, it seems that model number on inside labels are really hodge podge and incomplete. More like an abbreviated description. Not matching the model number on the COA. BTW, that model number I gave you is my 2016 Memphis '64 ES-345 TDC Maestro VOS Sixties Cherry.
  7. Wmachine


    I bought one, same color even, back when they were blowing them out. I already have another Standard, but I was curious about this and figured I'd probably just flip it. But I'm impressed. The '61s are enough different. Top shelf quality. Turns out to be a keeper. Enjoy!
  8. I really challenge some of your conclusions, like DT. Some of what may appear to be inconsistencies are simply because an assumed meaning is not correct. Not to say there are not inconsistencies. But I can tell you that the H in CH is definitionally not Hardware. Find a Les Paul with a Floyd and tell me what the model number is? I can tell you it has a F, not a H. I have an ES with a Maestro that is ES456416SCGM1. And I've seen lots more examples too. So again, certain presumptions have been made that are just not true. Sometime one has to use counter-logic too. H really can't mean hardware. Gold, Nickel, Chrome means the hardware color. The second digit would be meaninglessly redundant if that were true. But it is not, as other letters do exist, but are relatively rare in Gibson models. One thing for sure, the inconsistencies make this really difficult. And I don't know why Gibson can't be more help either.
  9. I have not yet been able to determine what the DT is, but all of the above are not it, and surly came from guesses. What I can determine is that it is used in the "standard" models of many types. CH is one of the most widely used wrongly interpreted codes. It is NOT Chrome Hardware. C is for the Chrome Hardware, H is for hardtail. The 1 at the end is not a designation for 1st or 2nd, probably the next most widely and wrongly interpreted codes. Stamps for that, when used. are never part of the serial number. And there never is the need to stamp a "first". Think about it. I've asked Gibson about that last digit and they blew me off saying it was not something that would mean anything to the consumer. I take that to mean he didn't know. And as said earlier, there is not a lot of consistency on what is in the model number, which leads to misinterpretations and speculations.
  10. I've read quite a few posts and threads about this over the years about this. And the short answer is that I've been able to conclude the answer is both, to some degree. Both the (some at least) cases and the USA guitars have a scent. "Both" also explains why the debate has raged on for so many years. That's why I roll my eyes when someone has "irrefutable proof" that it is one and not the other. "There you have it, folks!"
  11. You may get more responses if you start a new thread, but I think I can help. Your s/n and the OP s/n are correct for what they are. For the last 5 years or so, Gibson has used Axxxxx s/ns for some of the higher end reissues, the '59s in particular. This applies to '59 335s, too. I don't know what you mean by "coming up" unless you mean in a decoder. Decoders don't cover this, as it it too new and not that common. The A was added just for historical mimicking. Your model number should have the year in it. Here is another one apparently just like yours, and close to yours s/n-wise: Reverb ad
  12. So you're the cool one for trying to shame me? Three strikes and you're out. First you're a hypocrite. Second I was not shaming anyone, because third, my comment was about him "knowing" the smell was from the case and not the guitar.
  13. Wmachine

    Flying V

    S/n says 2007. I'm with you being quite suspicious. Many things make me suspicious, especially the ad. The body doesn't look right, the pickguard doesn't look right on the body. A custom that isn't a custom? I don't know enough here to be really specific, but I will say it doesn't look right. But can't be sure it is a fake either.
  14. You probably won't find out. Unless the model is released with a stated limited production number, Gibson is not forthcoming with their production numbers. You also may find the number "stated somewhere", but that usually traces to someone's guess. As always, you can write to Gibson, but.... I've even seen new releases of a model stated by dealers to be limited to a particular number. But when asking Gibson directly about it, Gibson simply says they can't confirm it. I'm sure the truth is they can, but won't.
  15. There's one in every crowd.......
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