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  1. No flames for learning, and thus not stupid. Yes, a maple top. But it is a "plain" top as opposed to a "flame" top where more expensive figured maple is used. Obviously not "plain" in the literal sense. Some do prefer the plain tops, and I think they are fine, especially when they have nice wood grain like this one. It could be said "Who need flames when you can get wood grain like this!"
  2. I can see you have a problem. But it definitely looks like craftsmanship and has nothing to do with being a richlite board. Personally I don't like nibs because of potential problems with "fit". Even if they start perfectly done. But if perfectly done to start with, richlite should have less chance of developing problems.
  3. Hi, thanks for the information.  I take the price was $335, and the ES330, my first semi-hollow, was $330?

    1. Wmachine


      That was how they were done initially.  I don't know when that changed, though.  There is info about that online various places.  Lots of Gibson History on the Gibson website.  If it is still there.

  4. It is what it cost originally. A full size semi-hollow thinline archtop.
  5. Wow, you are the first person I recall that does not like that nitro smell. I would think the new ones don't smell any different. The smell will go away, yes faster with exposure. Case (leave empty and open some time) and all.
  6. If the '59 VOS Reissue you refer to is the 2016, I can tell you Gibson had it spec'd as a "Soft C" neck, .855 at the first fret. Though I've seen them listed for sale with first fret measures from .850-.950. If you don't already know this, the 2016 '59 Reissues are generally very highly regarded as being some of the best Gibson has ever produced.
  7. Wmachine


    I believe it is ES (obvious) ,D - standard model, SR color (sunrise burst?), CH - chrome hardware, 1 is an insignificant number. The s/n probably has the year in it.
  8. Gibson has been less forthcoming with detailed specs the last couple years, so it is harder to compare exact specs. Yes, pups are supposed to both be MHS, but w/o exact specs, hard to compare. Both should have Memphis Tone Circuits, but the Reissue specifically specs matched 550 pots and bumblebee caps, unknown in the 2018. But I personally expect most of the difference you observe is the variation from guitar to guitar, even within the same model. 335s are known for having a relatively wide variation and I'd think the 330s would be similar. Thus the importance of actually playing them before you buy if at all possible (or have a good return policy). Not so much a case of getting a bad one as it is that some are just better than others. I also believe the reissues get better wood and more attention to detail, things that generally don't show up in specs. Non-reissues rarely beat reissues. But still a lot comes down to preference anyway. And the neck profiles are usually very subjective.
  9. What's so hard to believe? If it is still relevant, then it doesn't matter how old it is. In this case it is indeed still relevant. So why do you feel the need for sarcastic criticism?
  10. I don't see where that is an issue one way or the other. It could also be said that hand written is better as a sign these are hand made and finished. All depends how you want to look at it. It certainly can't be compared to a quality issue. You're missing the boat being caught up in petty details. It has been said numerous times by very knowledgeable owners that the recent years ES models, especially upper level ones like the reissues are some of the best Gibson has ever made. You don't have to go way back.
  11. Both. I have examples of both that I bought new.
  12. I have them in a 2015 SG Special, and really like them in the SG. I have, and was more used to SG with 490/498 pups. I bought the 2015 new dirt cheap (including the hardshell case), and figured with it being a "lesser" SG, I'd just flip it. But I like the sound, quality, and feel so much I kept it.
  13. Good call: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/DSDCCTEBCH--gibson-midtown-custom-ebony
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