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  1. All is well Matt!!!

    I can assume that you and the misses are doing well.

  2. thanks Matt!!! I'll email you some images of the event. I would post them publicly, but I've had some weirdos here poke fun at my daughter.

  3. Try and post..... Until the Admin reverses the spammer title you will not be able to send PM's.... We will have it fixed

  4. We will unflagg your account. I accidently flagged your account as a spam account when removing your reported thread..... My apologies

  5. Shon

    Can you clean out your PM box

  6. I've sent a PM to the Admin, I'm sure it will be all fixed next week

  7. I found the issue. Your account was accidently marked as a spam account during the spam crossfire the other night, and has affected your PM system..... Can you post???

  8. Good to hear

    I'll have a Admin look into PM systenm if you wish

  9. Yuor account has been fixed

  10. Thanks Beast!!! And the same to you and yours!!!

  11. Thanks Gbass!!!

    It just a little something to have fun with. I have my original stuff that I am overly anal with.

  12. What's crackin Pixeeee

  13. What is Pauls username?

  14. Brian, try cleaning out your mail bax... If that wont work, I'll have the Admin take a look

  15. No prob AXE...... Have a great weekend

  16. Leaving to China for two weeks

    1. hotshot9991


      why are you going to china?

  17. I need a haircut

    1. animalfarm


      Me Too! I keep my hair "Military" short, makes me look like a Cop, but hand me a

      guitar and out comes Foot-stomping Rock! Looking at me, you wouldn't suspect I was

      a Rocker - I kind of like the surprise factor!!! Wow, kind of a long way from the days

      when I had my hair decently past my shoulders, and parted down the middle with "feathered hair" - The 80's Hair Rocker look! Cool!

  18. Yo RichCI

    Hadn't seen ya in some time

  19. I'm still fumbling my way through it as well

  20. no sweat.... I'm hoping everything is okay with your Dad

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