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  1. Hello everyone. This gem just arrived today and let me tell you she didnt disappoint. Ive only had some minor issues and those dont pertain to the quality of the guitar. 1. I ordered a separate switch washer to put one on it. Dont do this as gibson is putting them into the case candy. 2. I want to put witch hat knobs on it and have several all parts ones that i swore were for Gibson pots but they are to big and wont stay on has gibson changed its pot shaft sizes?
  2. Beautiful! Ive pre ordered the Artesian RD they came out with. I cannot wait.
  3. No no trolling just tired of this guy coming to the forum bashing on Epiphone and throwing out pics of his precious Gibsons so he can put himself above all of us Epi players in his own mind when there is a Gibson SG forum on the same sight. I've got a pair of G400 customs I recently got and would love to share with forum but I know as soon as I do this guy is gonna put a picture of his "Gibson" up and tell me something along the lines of how mine are just "cheap copies" I know I'm not the only member here who is sick of this guy.
  4. https://m.facebook.com/JoeBonamassa/photos/a.116622639658.97854.8403829658/10154407952689659/?type=3&source=48
  5. Funny how all your guitar pics seem to not show the headstocks SG player...makes me wonder if all your amazing Gibsons are coming from a worse factory in China than Epiphones....
  6. I think an affordable Excellente reissue is what is needed...but maybe Gibson won't allow it since at the time it was better than any acoustic with the Gibson name..
  7. So some of you would really buy a guitar based on headstock shape?? You will NEVER see an open book headstock on a US sold Epiphone. But if you really have to have one several sellers in Ebay sell Japanese market ones with the open book shaped headstock.
  8. I buy Epiphones based on there heritage and affordable quality. The name has nothing to do with it. Honestly some people are the biggest snobs about how Epiphones are cheap and people that play them are somehow inferior. I love my Gibson SG but you just can't beat the value of Epis especially if you want multiple guitars on a working budget that are easily replaced if stolen or lost. A lot of people whine about the headstock shapes but let's face it, you aren't gonna see an open book headstock on Epiphones in the US. I personally like the elist sg headstocks.
  9. The only SG Gibson makes out of one piece would be a custom shop...Standards down to specials all have at least 2 piece. Compared to a Gibson the Epiphone will not have as deep of body bevels around the horns and edges. Also Epiphone uses the early 60s neck joint making it more prone to neck dive. Sound wise I love g400 pro.
  10. I have an sg jr with a p 90 and I love the response and the growl you get out of them. I say go for it. And if you can't get to a shop to play one order from sweetwater so you can pick your finish.
  11. Not well known here in the US but on of my favorites Noddy Holder of Slade playing SG juniors.
  12. I may have posted about this on this thread before but I just bought a g400 1966 pro and I got the manual, Allen key sticker and poster. But Epiphone should really update the poster. Turning it over and seeing the discontinued models such as g 400 custom and emperor regent make me kick my self harder for selling my g400 custom....
  13. EE would indicate an early Chinese build maybe they hadn't got the body shape down?
  14. I was gassing for a Gibson SG standard but my budget just wasn't there so I picked this beauty up from Musicans Friend. I love this guitar and it feels right up on par with my 06 Gibson SG junior.
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