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  1. I bought a new standard 50's Les Paul this week. The case is made in China. I noticed instead of the usual vanilla smell it smelled like airplane glue. Other than that it's okay.
  2. I'm pretty much the opposite from you Steve. I usually only play my acoustics when it's warm. By the way, I still have the yellow LP Special I bought from you a few years ago. It's really a nice guitar.
  3. I decided to give the TI's a little time. They seemed to warm up a little. What really surprised me was trying a Dunlop jazz III pick. I wasn't expecting much difference in sound, if any at all, but the guitar sounds much warmer when I play it with them. I'm actually pretty happy with the tone now. I may still try a set of D'addario flatwounds later though.
  4. I put a set of T I 12-50 flat wounds on my ES275 today. It came with 11-50 round wounds. I was expecting to get a deeper smoother sound. Instead, the T I's are brighter. I have D'Addario 11-50 flat wounds on my ES295 and they sound great. After reading all the good reviews for the Thomasticks I'm really disappointed. I can't wait to get them off and put D'addarios on it.
  5. Gibson makes white celluloid picks. They sell them on their website.
  6. You'll have to a used one. Gibson doesn't sell them separately. I found a set on Reverb a couple years ago.
  7. I've ordered from them several times in the last couple years with no problems. Since the new website came up I can't get an order to go through. Have you called customer service or just e-mailed them?
  8. Internet explorer is all I have. Fortunately, I found the same parts on Sweetwater so I'll order from them.
  9. I've ordered from the site numerous times in the past, but it seems that nothing is working on the new site. I can't even read the full descriptions.
  10. I've been trying to order a few items from the gear section, but can't get anything in the cart. Has anyone ordered from Gibson recently?
  11. Well that's good news. From one of the posts above I thought they were using tall narrow frets like new Fenders.
  12. Stewmac sells a tool for a few dollars for removing knobs. It works quite well.
  13. There's nothing authentic about those ugly Grover tuners. They work well, but they look out of place on a Gibson. Between them and no more low frets any more Gibsons I buy will be used ones. I stopped buying new Fenders for the same reason. I don't like frets that feel like railroad tracks.
  14. What they have to offer is shrieking, ear splitting treble.
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