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    Keeping the wife happy so I can enjoy,playing my gitars,golf, and reading.
  1. " I"ll be a Roundabout " Story of my life. I hate CANCER !! R. I. P. - C.S. X
  2. xkimo

    Horse Flies

    Ah SteveFord, Ancient Chinese Secret ! X
  3. xkimo

    Horse Flies

    Farns, The real horse flies can be ridiculously brutal.. However . Personally I would recommend that one would destroy all one can , these " horse flies " could also be ( M.I.D.D.S ) micro - implantation device drones / micro- intelligence device drones.. Inspect the buggers to rule out an A.I. device ! X
  4. Black Oak Arkansas 1973 - 4 ish. " High on the Hog ". Jim Mangrum was one helluva front man.
  5. My nearest GC is in Sin City 90 miles away ( Las Vegas N.V. ) . I've never been in the stores there. My only trips into Vegas involve catching flights out to the REAL world somewhere.That being said ; My " local " GC is in Mesa Ariz. 300 miles away. The staff there, they are predominately local practicing musicians.. The ladies and dudes there, they know their stuff.. The Asst. Manager in Mesa , Krystal comes from a family of musically blessed folk. The store is quite clean , the spaces are packed with a smokin' variety of axes ,amps , drum kits , this GC is pure candy !
  6. Searcy, et al. Thanks for the update on Milo. Sure he will break those chains , to be back 100 % in the very near future. Thinking positively for you Sir. X
  7. The " Kashmir " rendition was interesting. Glad to see he was not slapping a Lester around like that tho... That would be sacrilege. X
  8. WE Are Doomed, Doomed I tell you... X
  9. Arlum Sir, That is the boss hoss ! What a beauty full 336. X
  10. There ya go Jax. My point precisely. X
  11. G.A.S ? At my house this is the criteria.. Want ? Need ? Want ?? Need ?? Want ??? Need ??? It's that little bit of primordial , Neanderthal brain which remains between our ears.... WANT !!!! NEED !!!! Cheers, X
  12. B.R. without doubt a drum virtuoso. A darned wonderful photographer . Just a tad ; shall I say, " Temperamental " ! X
  13. Better to have a firearm and NOT need it . Than to not have one and NEED it... Stay safe. X
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