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  1. " I"ll be a Roundabout " Story of my life. I hate CANCER !! R. I. P. - C.S. X
  2. xkimo

    Horse Flies

    Ah SteveFord, Ancient Chinese Secret ! X
  3. xkimo

    Horse Flies

    Farns, The real horse flies can be ridiculously brutal.. However . Personally I would recommend that one would destroy all one can , these " horse flies " could also be ( M.I.D.D.S ) micro - implantation device drones / micro- intelligence device drones.. Inspect the buggers to rule out an A.I. device ! X
  4. Black Oak Arkansas 1973 - 4 ish. " High on the Hog ". Jim Mangrum was one helluva front man.
  5. My nearest GC is in Sin City 90 miles away ( Las Vegas N.V. ) . I've never been in the stores there. My only trips into Vegas involve catching flights out to the REAL world somewhere.That being said ; My " local " GC is in Mesa Ariz. 300 miles away. The staff there, they are predominately local practicing musicians.. The ladies and dudes there, they know their stuff.. The Asst. Manager in Mesa , Krystal comes from a family of musically blessed folk. The store is quite clean , the spaces are packed with a smokin' variety of axes ,amps , drum kits , this GC is pure candy ! Like Blueblooded said ; Due Diligence before hand is always the way to go on any major cash outlay. I have no problems with GC , but a Sweetwater , Wildwood or a Music Zoo nearby would be most excellent too... Bet that's a non - starter out here in Jackalope country tho.. X
  6. Searcy, et al. Thanks for the update on Milo. Sure he will break those chains , to be back 100 % in the very near future. Thinking positively for you Sir. X
  7. The " Kashmir " rendition was interesting. Glad to see he was not slapping a Lester around like that tho... That would be sacrilege. X
  8. WE Are Doomed, Doomed I tell you... X
  9. Arlum Sir, That is the boss hoss ! What a beauty full 336. X
  10. There ya go Jax. My point precisely. X
  11. G.A.S ? At my house this is the criteria.. Want ? Need ? Want ?? Need ?? Want ??? Need ??? It's that little bit of primordial , Neanderthal brain which remains between our ears.... WANT !!!! NEED !!!! Cheers, X
  12. B.R. without doubt a drum virtuoso. A darned wonderful photographer . Just a tad ; shall I say, " Temperamental " ! X
  13. Better to have a firearm and NOT need it . Than to not have one and NEED it... Stay safe. X
  14. Surfpup, Music city ( Nashville ) The Ryman . Country Music H.O.F Gruhns Guitars. A short drive north into Kentucky - Mammoth Cave . GIBSON Obviously.. Safe travels, ENJOY !!! X
  15. xkimo


    Beautiful LP. Really like the Pearloid tuner knobs. The 120 @ 12 ? I can take it or leave it. No big deal to me. The axe is a beauty congrats. X
  16. I used to drive Granny crazy " playing " empty Quaker Oats boxes & old Coffee Cans with her pencils.. Went to join Grammar school band , everyone wanted to play drums , so I took trumpet because Herb Alpert & TJ brass.. What a fiasco.. ! X
  17. Let's see if this is associative .. " I was takin' a trip out to L.A. tool'n along in my Chevrolet. Uneasy Rider - The Charlie Daniels Band
  18. xkimo


    FZ Fan, " The Other one. - The long strange trip of Bob Weir. Netflix currently has that one. Ya might like that it.. A Marin County boy, Bob Weir.. I have a funny story involving an encounter w. B.W and my ex - wife a professional Chef. She didn't know B.W. from Adam... My wife was at the time , Sous Chef @ CoCo Palms Resort ( Setting for Blue Hawaii ) . Weir had / has , who knows now , a home on Kauai where we were also living at that time.. He was giving a show prior at the resort prior to hitting the road w. the Dead later in the year.. Day of the show , my wife ( Beth ) ran into Weir rummaging through her Kitchen storage room ; He was searching for a table to set some equipment on.. The wife grilled the unknown rummager ; as she described , " Straggly hippy surf dude ".. He informed Beth that the Grateful Dead was his band yada , yada , etc., . etc... Well my wife, GOD rest her little Southern heart told Weir in no uncertain terms that she didn't care if he was with the " UnGrateful Dead " but that was " her STORE room" and to get OUT ! Weir did leave, but she also got his table to him as well... I see Weir and I always have a chuckle within.. I digress, but if interested have a view Bro. He has a shot of his wall of axes in his home.. Good Dude Weir. X
  19. Hey all Brothers and Sisters, As people with music / beauty within our hearts and souls ; I ask each and everyone today wherever you are, to please say a prayer for the good people of Charleston S.C... The wanton destruction brought unto the members of the AME church last evening was pure and simple evil. GOD help each one of us if this is the world our Grandchildren will inherit. GOD Bless the beautiful people of low - country Carolina. Watch over them in this, their hour of Need and Understanding.. I LOVE YOU Charleston, South Carolina. X
  20. xkimo


    Just viewed on Netflix the documentary " Sunset ". It tells the story of Sunset Blvd. / strip in Hollywood Ca. Some cool history , some interesting tidbits & video snippets about the "strip. The iconic clubs like The Whiskey, The Tracadero, Ciro's as told by Alice Cooper , Ozzy & Sharon , Slash, Lou Adler. The Strip was THE first location I visited when I arrived in " LaLa " land years ago... Oh , did I Mention the Burlesque clubs ? X
  21. As stated above; Ditto that. At any rate get another pair of trousers.. X
  22. What ever happened to Ear training or pitch pipe or piano??? Seems we need some electronic gizmo in every facet of our daily lives . No thanks, I will tune my own. Thanx. X
  23. I would be concerned about an ethical kill of a p.o.'ed Moose with 180 gr., unless of course one was right on top of that foul tempered beast. YIKES ! I don't hunt moose, we don't have those here. Here we have Elk and Speed goats. ( pronghorn antelope ) 6.8 s.p.c. is my elk / goat / hawg gun. Or a .700 Win or .308 M1. But try luggin that M-1 all day it's rough. Ya gotta in close for a quality strike with the 6.8 - 500 - 700 yrds. max personally.. Yes,180 gr. is surely fast. Personally I prefer knockdown. Don't get me wrong tho, 180gr. will do the trick on the foul two-legged monsters this thread is addressing.
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