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  1. I really don't know what to say, speechless whoa hmm.. Ok..God bless us all..
  2. dont matter! awesome pictures! we need more pic...
  3. well ill be the first...thats me with my band performing with the 61 RI...
  4. deelaz


    Iam a huge fan of p90s! If you wanna fulfill your tone thirst and get your true twangy rock n roll sound put the p94 t on your bridge or get the seymour duncan phat cat pup! The humbuckers are too hot for me, I ? p90s It delivers the tone clarity IMHO
  5. Congrats mate! I love twin reverb too I recorded one song with that amp and I love how it sounds I hAven't plug the twin reverb with the sg. You should upgrade your sgs volume and tone caps with the 500ks they will bring you the vintage sound experience and I bet you will love your sg more especially when it plug in to your bright and clean twin reverb amp
  6. deelaz

    First SG

    Safe more cash and purchase the 61 RI
  7. According to the topic, what would be the best pedal for your SG? For me would be the MI Audio Crunch Box
  8. Complete your life with SG and Telecaster!
  9. Actually any config will do it all comes back to your sound taste, but I really love the true tone from the guitar itself and the warm of the amp tube
  10. deelaz

    The Other Guitars

    I think I could survive by only having two guitars SG and Telecaster
  11. do you plug your sg straight to your amp? what would be the best amp for your sg? (without any fxs chain) because honestly i really like it that way, your sg, cable, and amp..
  12. deelaz

    Case candy

    I bought my 61 RI and I only got the guitar the case and thankfully the truss rod key! It's like the only music store who sold the one and only 61 RI.
  13. Maybe you should try the burstbucker pro
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