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  1. I've had great success with the packs. I'm in Southern Ontario, Canada and certainly it's extreme dry here during winter months. forced air heating doesn't help either. Not sure if OP mentioned but is the room the guitars are stored humidified? I have all my guitars in their cases in one room. Humidipacks in the cases and the room has a humidifier. Never had any issues. The packs last for quite some time.
  2. Never tried the cutaway version. I do have a 2015 limited run J185 that I hardly touch. Why I'm not sure. It's too nice to take out gigging and I always seem to fall back to my SJ anyway as my go to. Certainly a nice guitar however and much more comfortable than a J200. Gibson only seem to make the J185 every so often. Not sure when it was last in the regular production lineup.
  3. Congrats on the J15. I love mine too, have gigged it a lot over the past two years and it's opened up really nicely. Big contrast in sounds to both by SJ and J185. Hope you are are happy with it once you gig.
  4. Thanks guys. Good to know that the screw hole will line up perfect with the Keystones. Would enable me to see if I like the look before committing to the other mounting hole. I've always also liked the open gear type Gibson fit to the AJ. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/Round-Shoulder/Gibson-Acoustic/Advanced-Jumbo/Specs.aspx
  5. Hi guys, just a question to throw out there. What tuners would you fit to J185 to replace the factory Grover full size Rotomatics. The Grovers hold tune OK but was thinking of something a little more traditional looking. Interested to hear your thoughts! Cheers Dave
  6. Agree with the above, if you like it and it sounds right and good to your ears and it plays well then it doesn't really matter if they produce 10 or 10,000. Gibson Montana do however produce some outstanding instruments. Many of which are limited to less than 100 pieces. My J185 was a limited run in a Montana sunset burst. Certainly the sales pitch on their site sparked my interest enough to seek one out! One of the most fabled Gibson's of all time, this August Limited Edition J-185 is enhanced with an Adirondack red spruce top and gorgeous big leaf maple back and sides. Only 75 examples of this beautifully customized 1950's model will be made, each sporting classic J-185 appointments, including iconic crosses inlaid in mother-of-pearl on the bridge. And for the first time in history, this rare model with an even rarer tonewood combination will be finished in a luscious Sunset Burst. Premium Adirondack red spruce top Adirondack red spruce was used on the finest pre-War flat-tops, and remains a highly prized tonewood today, offering extra sonic depth and dimension. Beautiful select big leaf maple back and sides The tonewood combination of big leaf maple allows for warm, deep low-end with ringing, harmonically-rich treble response from this limited edition. Rare Sunset Burst finish The luthiers of Gibson Acoustic created the custom Montana Sunset Burst finish. Softened fingerboard edge Gibson Acoustic "breaks" or "rolls" the edges of the fingerboard into the curve of the neck profile for a sublimely comfortable playing feel.
  7. Not sure where in NY the OP is, but here in Southern Ontario,Canada the temperature has dropped this morning to -8 deg C, feeling like -13 deg C with the windchill. I always keep my guitars, both Electric and Acoustic, in their cases (as much as I would like to keep them out on display and quick reach)with the humipaks in the cases and a constant room temperature in the colder / winter months. I also have a in room humidifier as my finished basement is very dry.
  8. One in the same, just different packaging..and actually manufactured by Boveda
  9. 69% is too high. You should be around 45-50%. Are you keeping the guitar in it's case? Get yourself the planet waves Humidipak, they work great at adding and taking away humidity. I have them in all my acoustic guitar cases. Never an issue http://www.planetwaves.com/pwProductDetail.Page?ActiveID=4115&productid=523&productname=Humidipak
  10. On my Southern Jumbo which I gig on a regular basis I kept using Gibson Masterbuilt Phosphor bronze for the longest time, 12-53's. I've also used Martin Marquis Phosphor Bronze, 12-54's, which I like also on the J15 (seem to suit that guitar really well). However of recent I've switched to Elixir Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb's 12-53. They sound great and last me much longer. Agree though, it's fun to try different strings. Many to chose from.
  11. Some interesting thoughts here. re: the pickguard, personally I like the look of the 'flubber', i have it on both my Southern Jumbo and J15. I've looked for one for the EPi EJ200 but just can't find one in that material (if anyone knows where to find one please let me know). re: the original subject matter, it's the total opposite for me, I have a J185 that I hardly play since new because I find it too bright sounding, especially against the two slope shoulders. I was just playing it last night actually and put it away again. Maybe I just need to play it more to break it in, or maybe it needs a 'flubber' guard
  12. For what's its worth, I've never had any complaints about the Baggs Element system in all three of my Gibsons. I gig regular and they sound as crisp and clear and natural as the day I bought them. I run them into a Roland AC90 which is a phenomenally good amp which projects a very natural sound and fills the room (and outdoors) so well.
  13. Yep, your battery will be drained after a week. or at least a lot lower than it should be. Makes no difference what the other end of the lead is plugged into.
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