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  1. Truly sad. We know so little about the effects of brain chemistry when it goes awry. Truly sad.
  2. Your work is nothing short of spectacular. What a beauty WOWOWOW!!!!!!
  3. EDIT NEVERMIND I just noticed that was 300MA NOT 200MA
  4. I use a pedaltrain http://www.pedaltrain.com/pedalboards
  5. Hard case for my pedal board and a new iPad pro
  6. If you spend some time with it this works well for me: http://www.jimdunlop.com/product/jd4s-rotovibe-
  7. Those DPS Strats are a good value as well.
  8. J.4knee


    AM Std Tele in Rosewood .... CONGRATS!!!
  9. I am at a loss for what you describe but know this if it was me who received that I'd be shitting fire back at the factory over that kind of apparent gross negligence and unprofessional workmanship.
  10. I would just replace it. on a somewhat lighter note. The title of this thread just screams "this is a great title for a blues or C&W song"
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