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  1. Tweed - I think we can see a pattern here? Awsome collection of guitars !
  2. I have a red telecaster, a white strat and a black Es-335 so .... Sunburst, cherry or natural is all ok as long as they want to play:) depends on what color is imported to Norway. And the price. Looks like the natural is less expensive. And pretty:)
  3. Because iof GAS I have been looking at pictures of old and new casinos. And I can't decide if I like natural, cherry or sunburst most. They all look good. What's the color of your casino? Or what do you like most? If I should pick one today I probably would have gone with a natural. Very cool vintage look.
  4. Thanks for the info and the video. What a great sound!
  5. Matt Heafy (trivium) seems to be using his 6 and 7-string signature models
  6. Thanks! Didn't know these Epiphones existed until now. A new guitar world for me. Would love one of these in addition to my es 335. I have heard this guitar played clean, but a hollowbody with p-90 might be able to produce some raw tones as well as the clean tones?
  7. I heard James Bay the other day and while I couldn't stand his voice I loved the sound of his guitar. Found out that he plays a 60ies Epiphone with p-90 (and though I know now that tone has all to do with guitar straps and knobs, or even more thought provoking - the fingers of the guitarist), I would love to try out a hollowbody with p90. I spotted these two on a web shop: "Epiphone Elitist 1965 Casino" and the "Epiphone Gary Clark Jr". Both seems like very good guitars and the Gary Clark Blak and Blue have a price I like. Anyone with experiences with these guitars? Other options on p
  8. It has a H90 I think. Have to agree with you. A lot of punk has a big dose of pop, Even "old school punk"
  9. I love punk and i like pop punk. I like Green Day, Offspring, Bad Religion, Pennywise, NOFX!, Millencollin ...... Not Blink though. But I don't consider the signature model because of Green Day. I just wonder if that guitar is a good Junior. Or if it is wiser to wait for the 2016 junior and hope for a basic junior? It's a one piece, three in a row tuner with granadillo fretboard. Mr FZ Fan, I think I could have had a good time drinking and discussing music with you :)
  10. Thanks for the review! Well written! Love King Crimson.
  11. Yup I know but thought it better to build on a thread with some info in it than start a new one. And the guitar is 9 years old :)
  12. There is a 2006 billy joe signature for sale. 1100$. Is this the 2006 the earlier version "original" signature or is this the modified later version? Any reason at all to but this junior rather than a ordinary junior? It has "three in line tuners" if that narrows it down :)
  13. The Les Paul CM is in the traditional series but has G-force.....
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