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  1. Merry xmas everyone, keep it real.
  2. Yep, definitely one of the better Epiphones with personality - hope you like it!
  3. IMO you can't really fix the dull pickups by adding a pedal or a POD. I play mostly through a 5W tube combo with a POD and/or pedals. You can make your overall sound a bit different with gadgets but you can't get the definition, clarity and harmonic complexity you get from good pickups. The POD's amp and cab emulation with effects will still make your gear sound like Epiphone stock pickups.
  4. You have to open up the pickup to solder the wire. Check out the images on this page for advice. And be very careful...
  5. I agree, ask the man. Jay is quick to answer the questions. Post a pic of your guitar - quick!! That may still save the thread from deletion The Dream 180 was the only GFS pickup I personally didn't like, I literally gave it away. It was totally unlike the Mean P90 that is for me just what the doctor ordered. Great cleans and crunch. I think the rail won't be the best choice for balance with the weak neck pickup.
  6. LP Standard Goldtop, you can get info on the serial number (from the back of the headstock) on guitardaterproject.org If you want pup covers replace the pickups with something better (search "GFS"), it's not worth buying covers for those mediocre standard Epiphone pickups.
  7. Winning bid $3,510 .... What's wrong with those guys?!
  8. My favourite would be my Saein made Les Paul Custom, although the '57 Junior comes damn close. Still, I'd trade either for the respective Gibson model in a heartbeat, any day of the week.. I'll never give up on owning at least one LP Junior
  9. That would be nice, since I've read that the original Gibson single cutaway Juniors never had a tenon that extended past the end of the fretboard. So to be historically accurate the '57 RI should have a gap between the body and the neck, fat chance but still I think I now have to go and have a look :-
  10. You'd be much better off with a LP Studio, or any other set neck Epiphone than either of the bolt neck models. You've been warned..
  11. Wha? My '57 Jr reissue has a long tenon?
  12. Current "new" EE factory heels: "Normal" heel:
  13. The spacing should not really be a big issue. Excellent idea. Even Gibson makes only one type of PAF pickups ('57s, Burstbuckers), that all come with identical pole spacing. Humbuckers are not hifi anyway, just old technology from the fifties :-
  14. After the megawatts above I feel somewhat stupid adding my 5W Class A tube combo (with an adjustable L-PAD as an attenuator) to this list... :-
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