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    site unscured

    That would explain the spam i am getting from here.
  2. Hi

    I am the frаgile and gentle wоmаn who needs a strong and reliаble partner in lifе.

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    Kisses Roach

  3. thanks, I did it myself,after the one i ordered had the holes in the wrong places and only because it was faster took a day. then overnight for more paint one more night.... still want to add clear at some point
  4. I got an elite and I love it. The pickups are far better than the 57's that come in the Izzy Hale. I own those pickups in my LP Studio. The Burstbucker 2 and 3 are amazing. I struggled with the same choice but the only compelling thing about the Hale model is if you are into gold those frets are so attractive, but I do not have any idea how fast they would wear. That guitar is about the look, I strongly feel the elite model is a better made guitar. You might replace the nut with bone or something other than gibsons plastic one. Check it for cracks, (nut). It is a great guitar. I made my own custom pickguard out of maple, only because i wanted a black one.
  5. ok thats same as LP's then. thx
  6. How do i turn the volume pots to control the pickups independently and not shut off the sound when one is all the way down, when in middle position on switch? I did this once with LP but never in a 2 vol 1 tone guitar... Can I do it?
  7. How do i turn the volume pots to control the pickups independently and not shut off the sound when one is all the way down, when in middle position on switch? I did this once with LP but never in a 2 vol 1 tone guitar... Can I do it?
  8. Roach


    Yea i love those burtbuckers hahahaha ya all know i meant burstbuckers but i thought id call myself out first. Ok look, if you have an explorer and need a pickguard, gibson tells me the 76 reissue is the exact pickguard used on the elite model and all the current models, but the reissue PG at reverb is NOT the correct one. I ended up taking a piece of maple and making my own PG. LOOKS GREAT... (The light dulled color, but it is the same color as the head and p/u rings), One day I will bevel the egdes, and will add clear coats, (to the pg only).
  9. Roach

    2018 explorer

    I replaced it with this elite:
  10. Roach


    I am in the usa, and reverb does have a 76 re-issue but I understand that many of these have changed from year to year and the screw holes are not identical measurements even when appearing to be. I asked reverb to find the pdf file that the ad refers to to determine if it fits, or just take a chance they are only $15. For anyone else looking: https://reverb.com/item/4543110-custom-76-explorer-re-issue-style-guitar-pick-guard-3-ply-black @eraser... wow, you lose, now you owe me. The guitar is perfect. The sustain is incredible, burtbuckers 2 and 3 are so nice. Fits my style of music just right, and practically lets the guitar and amp play for me. Its like having a rackmounted talent pedal. I play a note and it doesn't stop unless i stop it, sustain for days... I am too happy to continue, (sniff sniff) tears of pure joy, (jumps up and down clapping like a teenage girl that just got tickets to the beatles in the 60's).
  11. Roach


    Actually I got the call late tonight, it is in the store now! I am picking it up tomorrow! Pic will follow. Any idea where i can get a black pick guard that will fit it? Gibson wouldn't tell me what I need to know because they don't offer pg's for these explorers.
  12. Roach

    2018 explorer

    I took it back, The wood was NOT matched well, It had a fkin knot on the body grain was colored badly and the nut was cracked. I ordered the elite, to replace it with, and I am still waiting for it. https://gyazo.com/ac...d88859f62fbb6eb
  13. Roach


    i ordered the explorer elite, but nobody will tell me when to expect it. without making something up. It is baked. Gibson wont even tel me the dimensions or which pick guard I need to get to change it to a black one. The dealer is even less help
  14. Roach


    So torrefied, is what happens to you when you put more expensive weed in your bong. Thanks for helping me clear that up. But wait, the torrefied is on the lesser expensive model, somebody misinformed me here. Baked is a result of buying the more expensive one. Torrefied must be when you buy a guitar for cash and it has a cracked nut and paint damage so you take it back and get another from gibson almost a month later, that also has a cracked nut, then give up more money to get another guitar that they tell you will take 8 weeks to get it. I am torrefied it will be broken too and my money wasted.
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