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  1. I have a thing for P-90s and I picked this up late last week. It's beyond what I expected. I really love the sound of this thing It's a 2012 model. I think I like it more than my Les Paul studio from 2016. So now 4 guitars in my collection. 2011 SG Special, 2012 60s Tribute Goldtop, 2016 Les Paul Studio T, and 2016 Limited run Les Paul junior. I am still looking for that Les Paul Standard/custom shop. If you can get one I highly recommend it.
  2. Thanks! yeah you are right it's like the professional photos have had their colours adjusted. I'll have to get down to a guitar shop and have a look around.
  3. firstly. I have a 2016 Les paul studio. the low e is always a bit sharp and I've put the saddle back as far as it will go and still sharp what can I do to fix it? It's weird I can get the intonation on my SG very easilly. secondly on a les paul junior what size are the small intonation screws? My guitar came with the normal hex key for the truss rod and a small allen key but it doesn't kit. I am not sure what that allen key is supposed to be for.
  4. I saw this yesterday I quite like it! When I do buy the Les Paul I want I'll probably end up looking at used as the styles I like are more like the colours that Gibson keep in the custom shop or above range and it's a bit too far out my price range for my liking. I have my 2016 Les Paul studio T which I love but I want another Les Paul! I'll wait until I find the one I want.
  5. I've been thinking of buying a Les Paul Standard for some time. But the 2017 range looks odd in the photos. Strange bursts. Perhaps it's just the official images they use. I know the poker chips are missing but the guitars look different. Also I wish online guitar shops would take more realistic photos of the guitars sometimes. I hate pics of Les Paul's with the black background. I'll have to go see in person what they really look like. On the other hand the 2016 range I really liked. These don't look real.
  6. I mainly use my macbook when playing due to lack of space and convenience but prefer using an amp. I was experimenting with my limited equipment last night and ran a cable out from my macbook to the input on the amp and it sounded pretty good on the clean channel. I could get a load of different tones. The only downside is there is some noise interference, I think it's from either the macbook charger or from my pedal board power supply. Will moving them further apart fix this? or are there better ways of doing the above?
  7. That's great never seen that type of gig bag! I need a gold top!
  8. Great guitars I want to get a few more. I bought this 2016 proprietrary run one a few months ago. it's stunning and probably my favourite guitar. I love the tone and growl of the P-90
  9. They look great I might have to do the same
  10. got this in a few days ago it's a 2010 SG Special. really love it sits next to my junior and les paul studio. It's not the faded model. Previous owner added some pickup covers and I think it makes it look nicer. This will be my workhorse guitar, I can't put it down. I never was a huge SG fan but played a SG style guitar lately and thought let me get one. Does anybody know the specs on this model? also the only thing I am not fond off is the pickups they seem a bit muddy. Any ideas what I could replace them with. I am curious for Whole Lotta Humbucker set but not sure how they would sound in a SG. Thanks!
  11. I love it! tempted to get one myself.
  12. Great guitars! I have the same The 84 as you. Though still tempted to sell it :-( Buona Pasqua!
  13. I was following one closely on ebay recently in the UK. it went for approx £500 The price of juniors seems to have gone up lately. You could easily find one for £300 not long ago but in my recent searches all seem to go for £400 upwards.
  14. yep I really want a TV yellow one. I passed on the 2015 model. I wanted one one with the button tuners (which I could have easily swapped) but didn't want the Les Paul 100 logo on it. Next time one comes available I will have to snap it up. Especially if they do a double cut version.
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