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  1. I love clean Jazz style tones. Admittedly SG’s are not thought of in this area but I put a set of Ken Armstrong vintage PAF style pickups ( Alnico 2 7.5k ohm neck/8k ohm Bridge) D A SET OF DR Pure Blues Nickle wound strings and get the tone I had in my head I wanted
  2. My 2016 Gibson SG's is definitely a thick well made circuit board with nice wide copper traces. The board seems to be .090" thick which is very sturdy. I think they are great as long as you stick to the stock pickups.
  3. Wanted to say hello. I recently joined this forum after purchasing a Gibson SG Special Faded 2016 Model new at a Sweetwater Clearance sale. I am enjoying the guitar and looking forward to possible Future Tech assistance (if needed) and discussion. Gary
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