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  1. I would like to hear from players of Memphis ES guitars what their go to amp is? I'm sure we are all over the board on this, but the amp plays as much a part of the tone as our guitar.
  2. Beautiful guitar, mate. Enjoy! By the way, what's the rest of your rig? Curious what your go to amp is with this guitar?
  3. Rockdrummerzero, I pulled the trigger and bought the Kluson tuners last week and updated my ES-Les Paul. I have to say, Im a big fan of the them. They look great, and make swapping strings a breeze. I also find the tunning stability is much better. Replacing the bushings was a bit of a hassle. Although the original bushings looked the same as the new ones, I didn't want to chance it. I found a YouTube video that recommended a long 3/32mm socket to insert in the hole; just the right size to catch the edge o the bushing and reverse it out of the hole. Anyway, I highly recommend them.
  4. Once again, thanks to all. Lot of passion and opinions out there! Maybe Ill just save the vibrato for my strat (is that a bad word here?) Actually love my Fender Eric Johnson strat, if anyone is interested. I know the Bigsby looks good, but I think the Les Trem II is a viable option, and IMO looks all right. Easy on, easy off. the only issue is that it will probably not fit in the case. I've been using a Gator padded gig bag for all my guitars, and just swap out, depending on the guitar. I'll keep you guys in the loop if I pull the trigger.
  5. Really appreciate everyones response- and thanks for the attached pictures. Not ready to pull the trigger yet but I'm glad there are more than one option.
  6. Hey guys- I have an ES-Les Paul and have some interest in possibly adding a Bigsby or Bigsby type vibrato to the guitar. Has anyone installed an after market Bigsby (I believe B7 is the model for an ES-Les Paul). Im also interested to hear if anyone has installed another type of vibrato to an ES-Les Paul. Xtreme Long Tail Vibrato is another option that I have looked at and much cheaper than Bigsby, although some modification is required. Any comments would be appreciated as well as any pics you can add. Thanks!
  7. G Mac- the Music Man 112 RD is a great amp. I picked one up when I saw the one album cover of Clapton sitting on the couch playing through one. I used that amp for a long time. Great sound and sorry I got rid of it, although I went to '72 Vibrolux Reverb which I still have. I found another MM 112RD again, hoping to get the magic back from my original amp, but it just did not sound the same and ended up selling it. Twang Gang is right about the Twin- nothing like that amp. Its a beautiful sound when you play through that clean amp. I've had 2 of them. You always want to go back to that tone...Only problem is the weight.
  8. Hey, congratulations on the acquiring the ES-330. We could go on and on regarding an amp for that beauty. Im a Fender guy, so I always lean toward a Fender amp. Get the clean tone and build on that. Depending on your style and budget, there's a plethora of amps to choose from. I love the '68 Fender Custom Deluxe Reverb. Great tones out of both channels, while the custom channel is built to add an OD pedal. Ive played through my friends Fender Bassbreaker with my ES-Les Paul and the amp sounds great. Used of both amps are very affordable. Also love the Princeton. If Brit is more of your flavor, the Vox AC-15C1 sounds very nice and very affordable. High end? Morgan PR12 or Divide/13. Keep us in the loop on where you go with this.
  9. Hey Rockdrummerzero- any chance of posting a photo? I have the 2015 ES-Les Paul Bourbon Burst and have considered changing them out as well. Thanks
  10. I have the exact guitar as well. Although I am not having problems with tuning, I am not a fan of the tuners. I have a couple strats and am fond of the vintage tuners, which I find are much easier to string. I found using some Diaddario nut sauce on the bridge and nut really helps the stability. Theres a Youtube video of how to properly string the guitar as well (not implying that you are doing it wrong, but it does offer some tips). Kluson makes a vintage look tuner, with a locking nut I am considering, but at this point, have not pulled the trigger. I've included the link below. By the way, I love this guitar! http://www.kluson.com/revolution.htmlI
  11. One beautiful guitar! I love the color. I was at the Memphis factory last year, and played a one- off ES335 in the same color vein as yours. It happened to be on a rack that the sales tech identified as guitars that were stained a color other than what was being offered as a standard color through Gibson Memphis. Since they would not go into production, they had reduced prices on them. I did not look to see if there was the sticker inside, but its possible that your guitar may be one of these models? At any rate, you will certainly get comments when you play that sweet thing out there. A beautiful piece. so enjoy it!
  12. Funny- I have the AC15 with the Celestion Blue as well. The Blue was a definite game changer for that amp. It really made a difference. I like the amp, but prefer the Fender tone, and use my Full Drive 3 for overdrive. I also have a '72 Vibrolux Reverb w/blackface specs, with (2) vintage gold back Jensens in it. Great amp but too loud for what I do. Thinking of selling the Vox, but not sure. I recently tried the Morgan PR12 at the Sweetwater Gear Fest, and that is one sweet amp. Just can't justify the extra $1150 over what I paid for the Princeton.
  13. I like the '65 as well. I love the blackface and tweed look, but to my ears, the tone stack in the 68 RI was warmer to my ears. Kind of biased here because I also have the 68 Deluxe Reverb RI, and the Princeton is a nice compliment to it. They both sound great though. Are you running the original speaker it the amp? I am curious if anyone has swapped out the speaker with the Celestion G10 Gold Alnico. Considered the holy grail out there for this speaker in a Princeton.
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