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  1. If everybody had an ocean...then everybody'd be surfin'!! If you can't feel that vintage wind then you're just numb. I Learned real quick how to tune it up, it sings! It's just an incredible guitar. I've been waiting , now she's here. Alnico Classic Magnets! Not Ceramic as was stated on a website.
  2. It's possible stuff in your avatar may be rubbing off on more than just you....I think I feel it....
  3. You may like it better if you turn that middle pickup down and readjust your volumes on the 'treble' and 'rhythm' - I owned one of these for a while -ended up putting an SH-6 Mayhem set in and putting the Epi Bridge pickup in the neck (Why? It's 13.5 would match the hot vibe of the SH-6's..it worked out pretty good!) where essentially it gained a different sound. The 3 pickup config was then modded to 'Black Beauty Mod' which I should've left that way. My decision to sell it came after I had it rewired to factory spec. Bad move. I shouldn't have 'fixed' it because it really thinned out the sound but I just liked the way the controls worked originally. Maybe some hot pickups and a 'Black Beauty Mod' would suit you for the Custom. Definitely a nice playing guitar no doubt at all!
  4. *Gulp* !!WOW!! Looks Great! It's nice to see one up close like that Thanks!
  5. I've got that DVD and have watched it often. They were really at the top of their game that day. They sounded great (even if Brian was mixed low he still looked great at that time) sadly that was around the last time they ever toured with Brian. And Fender has already done an Al Jardine Signature Stratocaster If they give Blondie Chaplin a Signature LP I wouldn't be surprised (Toured with them during the early 70's Holland period and is featured on the 1973 double live album "The Beach Boys In Concert") Blondie has toured with The Rolling Stones for years. He's off with the back-up singers...and the one the camera doesn't give much attention to. yea, Blondie ain't pretty but he sure makes things sound good.
  6. I didn't use the term 'Deserved' And these people have enough credentials to get their own product from Epiphone: Jack Cassidy Bass- never heard of Jack Cassidy before I looked him up Marcus Henderson Apparition guitar- Who's this fella? Oh yea, Rockband the video game Man, lets give him his own unit. He made music for years right? Tak Matsumoto? Had anyone ever really heard of him in the United States? Not me. I had to look him up too Yea so go on and rag me.
  7. I honestly couldn't tell you why this is, but the G-400 WC I bought last summer has the best stock pickups of any Epiphone I own (besides the new 2010 LP Traditional Pro. It's even better) The only thing I did was: *Level the frets*Add a Gibson TP-6 tailpiece*Set up to Eb w/XL 11's. These pickups are fine, though honestly the covers are aging....they may be removed eventually. But as far as these pickups go they were made either during Beta stages for the new pickups to come out or I just got a super well calibrated pair wound by someone who cared. I do get a squeal when turned sideways at the amp on the Bridge pickup but switch it to middle or rhythm and it stops. ProBucker 3 beta? I'm not removing them. And as far as the pots and toggle the pots are Alpha 500k The wires aren't bad at all, I've seen much thinner and weaker wires and the toggle is a switchcraft mini- same thing they would try to sell you to replace a Gibson toggle with unless you specify the long switchcraft part. On the other hand: The Jack is...in need of replacement with an official Switchcraft part. No Lie. As much improved as it may be the 'Epiphone' jack is still lacking and needs to be replaced before the first gig. The Loc-Tone bridge and Tailpiece are much better than their predecessors (B-2) and I haven't replaced that part since they upgraded it. If you really desire a Gotoh though by all means do it.
  8. Yea, true it does. That's great that Rickenbacker makes a Carl Wilson. The Beatles played Rick's too. I want an Epiphone Carl Wilson guitar. I could care less about a Rickenbacker, but that is Just Me. Good ol' Carl just needs a bit more appreciation and since he had Epiphones and played them until the necks went bad (lol) he should have an Epi sig model. Even a 6 string version would do. If he really did replace the Epi neck with a Gibson neck instead of just replacing the guitar with a Gibson guitar itself it definitely says something about how the guitar handled and that it just couldn't be replaced.
  9. How about it Epiphone? You've put the Beatles 'Casino' out there for years but did anyone remember there was a Beach Boys guitarist named Carl Wilson that used both The Gibson 335 and the Epiphone made guitar as well? Carl Wilson was an excellent musician and someone needs to bring the 12-string 335 into light and dedicate it to him as the Carl Wilson 12 string electric. Dennis Carl Wilson was born on December 21, 1946 in Hawthorne, California, about five miles from the Pacific Ocean. He began playing guitar as a teenager. His lead guitar and vocals were crucial in defining the seminal surfer band's sound, and he fronted many of the group's classic recordings.
  10. She's got miles but she gets smiles my lil worn cherry baby girl never give it up too easy loves those vintage licks got my tongue hangin while I'm bangin my lil worn cherry
  11. I sure like mine A good set-up and some Dimarzio's and have at it! Dimarzio Tone Zone-bridge/PAF Pro-neck Push/Pull pots - Gibson TP-6 tailpiece Unsung Korea '07 has a very woody smell
  12. Very nice upgrade but I have to ask why are all of the saddles facing the same way on the new bridge?
  13. Yes! Beautiful guitar RD Great player too!
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