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  1. And then almost ruined it. Remember he did not even call Gibson a guitar company anymore he called Gibson a Lifestyle Brand. F-U and all your 17 extra companies you needed to acquire due to greed. I said I would take over as CEO. I'm qualified to make rotten decisions like anyone else. The Acoustic guys did not have that excellent electronic tuner shoved down their throat in 2015 like the electric guys did. Everything about what I hear is that Bozeman is the best run part of the company. I remember when I was a kid and saw Jimmy Page rocking a LP and man I wanted one bad. Now we got over 100 LP models, and every models comes in at least 15 different flavors, I'm not talking colors. True Vintage, Vintage, Aged Vintage, VOS, Standard, Studio, Sig Models, Traditional, This Burst, That Burst, Custom, Historic, Modern, HP, T, Elite, Lite, Deluxe, Limited, Regal, Anniversary, Avant Garde, Antique, Special, Quilt, New Vintage (now there's a contradiction), Deluxe Standard, Special Edition, Legend and I probably missed a few it got exhausting.
  2. A big happy 57th Birthday to David "Mr. The Edge" Evans. Who is without equal, and remains the greatest guitar effects player on the planet. And thanks for rocking that knit hat for the last 15 to 20 years or so like millennials and Gen-X'ers. But on a serious note, I do like the War album.
  3. They did not suck, except in the mid to late 80's when Geddy played more keys than bass. Around Signals I checked out and did not come back for a long time.
  4. It fits all 4 bass sizes, yeah if you lay the bass on top of the case it fits.
  5. Nice. Squirrel Nut Zippers are tomorrow night and GbV is Monday.
  6. Mine was Moving Pictures or was it Pitchers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik07y2WZe38
  7. Is that a-ss clown still working as CEO?
  8. I had a tortoise on my BB King and I put a black on it and it looks much better. I also put a washer on the switch and took the brass TRC off and installed a solid black one. https://imgur.com/7EojopJ
  9. You must have been one of those nice parents. My 2 (daughter starting 3rd year of college and my son getting ready to join the Navy) want nothing to do with me till they need something, like money.
  10. I don't play, except the guitar. I even have a huge grommet on a Growler I have.
  11. I have a ton of them. If you want I can sent you a few. Think I even have few green ones from buying a few bottles of vodka that use the same grommets.
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