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  1. Hi all, anyone going to the IBC In Memphis this month? I have a friend, Brian Keith Wallen that won the individual in Dayton Ohio and I told him early on that if he got to go to Memphis I would go also.
  2. Happy New Year everyone. I have not been on here a lot but I am back to playing again and looking forward to a good 2014.
  3. Congratulations Mr. Gibs. Glad you finally got you CD. I'll have to give it a listen later.
  4. G McBride


    Great deal on a very good guitar. I have had one for a few years now and it is always played before I shut the amp off.
  5. Great sound. Made me want to pick up my guitar and play along. Unfortunately I had Bypass surgery two weeks ago and can not play anything again for a few more week. Thanks for the post.
  6. I have given guitars as gifts to family. I just sent a couple out on loan with a nephew who is playing out as a single in some places and performing with a four piece band at others. Good feeling to help someone get started in music.
  7. I liked it. I think they meant for it to sound that way and that they were not trying to duplicate how they played in the past. Looked to me like they were just having fun entertaining in front of a crowd again together. The Drums and Bass held the song together so that they could just noodle around a bit.
  8. I bought Horse feed and later went to a local cafe and listened to a friends music for a few hours. Brian Keith Wallen is the young mans name. Check him out, he plays a mixture of music but leans heavily to the blues side of things. Black Friday is a good time to stay away from stores in my opinion. Looter mentality going on over a few bucks off of something that you still have to pay for before you leave.
  9. Wow, Milod should be proud. He has taught me a few things also. Many have been discussed already. Great to have someone with lots of experience to share with us.
  10. Isn't anyone outraged about her using the "N" word on the driver. If I had said that he would have been justified in getting up and thumping me and a jury would agree.
  11. Good job Ray, thanks for sharing. I keep thinking of playing out again, glad to see you out there doing it.
  12. Then there is the new 12 String Les Paul. Have not heard any comments about that.
  13. Congratulations on the new guitar. I am glad to hear good reviews on the MIdtowns. I have a 356 and a 336 and I like that style of guitar. That black with a bigsby looks fantastic. I picked up a Les Paul with a bigsby and I know what you mean about the first string change on one of them. It does get easier and faster. Someone already mentioned using a Capo and that does help a lot, serves as that third hand that you feel you need.
  14. I have the 2011 Gold Top with P90s. Sound is fantastic and plays great. It is a heavy date though, mine is just under 10 pounds. I am thinking that is part of the reason she sounds so sweet. Congrats on yours, the Black if truly a good looking guitar.
  15. I agree that we may not know the complete story but this should be resolved in a timely manner.
  16. G McBride


    I'll try to get some pictures up in the next day or so. I haven't even had a chance to play it because I had a niece and her family come in from South Carolina for the weekend and we have bee doing family things all weekend.
  17. G McBride


    Bought a guitar from a young friend that is working his way up in the Blues world. He needed to raise money to buy a vehicle to haul equipment in. I bought a 2011 Les Paul Traditional Pro Goldtop w/P90's. I certainly didn't need another guitar but I was trying to help him out. Got to have a good excuse to buy another one right? Anyone have one of these and have any comments on them.
  18. Plec was designed to save time and not to be better than hand crafted work done by a qualified luthier. The process allowed a larger volume of guitars to be set up close to a craftsman's work in a faster time. It was not meant to replace the precision work you can get from the hands of a professional. I have owned many Gibson Guitars. I have never bought one that could not be made to play better by having a good luthier fine tune it and set it up for me.
  19. Gibson was once available for around a million bucks or so. If Fender came available for a small and reasonable price, would you step up to own it? I think that I would because there are some changes that could be made and probably a little money.
  20. What, no love for Uncle Ted and his Gibson. Ted Nugent has rocked a hollow body for a long time now.
  21. NIce, I like a Tele with a rosewood neck. I have an Hwy 1 Rosewood Neck and a couple others with various pup combinations. Nice Black, I really like it.
  22. I like the concept of that stand but it does scare me to death. I can see not have the thing latch into position and flip the guitar on the floor when it goes back to the storage position. Also can see getting seriously working on a guitar and tipping the thing over by putting too much pressure in the wrong place on the guitar like you might do when cleaning a spot .
  23. I listened this morning. Does not bring any song to mind but sounds a little familiar first two chords and then it goes away. I think lots of times a couple of chords are going to take your mind to a chord progression you have heard before, then when it goes another direction you are surprised and that is how I was listening to your tune.
  24. Nice looking Fender. I have several Tele's in different pickup configurations. Congrats on a nice guitar.
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