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  1. I picked this guitar up so that I could have something with a Bigsby on it to experiment with. From what I have researched it is the pre-studio Studio model. Mine is supposed to have Dirty Fingers pick ups but they look like the pick ups in every picture I have seen. Anyone else own one or have information on one.
  2. I have a yellow double cut that look just like Charlie Brown's.
  3. I try to play mine into submission but it has a lot more stamina than I. Sometimes I play like I am on the radio and when I throw in some vocals I sound like one of those channels that are not quite tuned in right. Karen, your Seagull came with those instructions because they knew you were going to show favorite playing time to your Gibsons.
  4. I have not see none in a while. You are showing your wealth of knowledge even knowing about a record player. Weren't those two knobs on the John Lenon series guitars the tuner and volume for the radio?
  5. A friend of mine told me that an older friend of his said that your guitar will sound better, if you keep a transistor radio playing inside of the body. At first I thought this was an old wives tale I had never heard but then I got to thinking about. Maybe by playing the radio inside the body while not being played, you tricked the wood into vibrating as if it was being played thereby you were artificially aging the wood and opening it up. You could put years of playing time vibration on the wood in a matter of months. Anyone ever hear of this before? Gill
  6. I believe that any quality instrument is a good investment. Will you make a lot of money from that investment, who knows. How many made a lot of money in the previous year with their cash investments? I would have preferred to have had the money I lost invested in guns and guitars.
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