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just sold my bugera V5 for a $100 (lots of calls)


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To my surprise he came in with his harmonica case and microphone. He loved the high gain sound of the 1 watt setting, because he always mic'ed the cabinet anyway. He has a gig tonight and is going to use it.


I guess I should have asked for more. I had a tremendous response. But, the 1st guy that called said he's leaving now and it would take 45 min to get there. So I held it for him.


I bought it new in April 2011 for $150.00 from musicians friend, so I feel it was fair. They cost $200.00 new now. The only draw back with the V5 to me was the fact that it didn't have a clean channel.

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Good to hear, I assume craigslist?


I have had very spotty luck trying to sell stuff lately,


Any Apple product you post is like bait for scammers, spammers and straiugh up weirdos.


Aren't you telling it true!


I have a couple of guitars I want to sell and I'm terrified of craigslist because I figure they come over, size up the place and later rob yo' a$$. I live in a decent/not super safe neighborhood as is!


Then I thought about ebay but I'd have to get a paypal account and I don't want anyone out in the interwebs knowing my bisnass, and having my bank account info and then there are spam emails which my gullible a$$ would fall for, no doubt. The whole thing makes me crindge.

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