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Nitro facts

Gibson CS

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Again, this has nothing to do with guitars...but I have no where else to post this thread, since

the "Off Topic" or "Coffee Shop" thread does not yet exist. *hint* :-({|=


Did you guys know that Nitocellulose is a major componant in smokeless gunpowder? ( Guncotton)

Its also used in the wart remover, Compound W...

When dissolved in ether, it was used as wound dressing during the civil war.

Magicians flash paper is also made mostley of our beloved Nitro.

Its highly flammable...


I just found this very interesting. Gibsons are like the Swiss Army knife of guitars.

Not only do they play beautiful music, but it seems they have other uses as well.

We should take them wherever we go...just in case! O:)/

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I just bought a 57 Les Paul Jr. VOS brand new. I notice a strong smell of the nitro finish, is this common? I also notice that even though I keep my hands clean every time I play, that the neck and other areas have smudge marks. When I wipe the guitar after playing the smudge marks do not come off easily. My hands do not sweat so I know that it isn't from my hands.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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I bought a new Casino and the finish on the fret board still makes my fingers black. You would think a guitar of your quality

would have a better quality inspection. I expect it from a China Casino, not an LP. What does nitro smell like?

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Weve talked about this before..

I love the smell. To me, its sweet. Kind of like cotton candy.

I believe its the Nitro.


I find the neck gets sticky. Maybe thats a new thing thatll wear off after some time.

It doesnt bother me though.

Im used to playing guitars with polyester finishes, so Nitro is new to me.


Mark...Post you Hondo dude!...you choose!

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