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Neck Relief for DR500MCE


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Factory specs are usually high with enough room for adjustment.

Where you want it would depend on your playing style.

Hard strummers and big benders need more height.

Others prefer a lower setting.

Take it to a luthier and tell him what you want unless you want to do it yourself.

Make sure you know what you're doing because the neck relief, nut slots, saddle height and condition of the frets all come into play.

Good luck

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Thanks for your help. I just installed a TUSQ saddle and although the action seems slightly high the guitar sings, very clean and clear tone. I had experimented with lowering the action as it originally came out of the box and was getting alot of buzz after the 12th fret. Epiphone gives specs for string height in their online manual but not neck relief. I am a heavy strummer so I guess my setting is working just fine. Thanks again.

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