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Questions for Gibson LPJ 2013 owners


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Hey guys. I'm thinking of getting a Gibson LPJ 2013 (the rubbed vintage burst) because it's cosmetically beautiful to my eyes! But are they any good? Does the Plek'd nut make any difference to it's playability/feel?


How's the action, is it low, high? (I like low action in case anyone is wondering)


Also, got any pics of your LPJ's you'd be willing to share?


Unfortunately I can't get to the guitar store to try one for myself at the moment and that's why I'm here!

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Although I do not own any of these very nice guitars, my general experience with newly purchased Gibson guitars are:


1.) Plek'd nut is nothing more than a marketing statement. Both my newly-bought LPs had sticking nuts.

2.) Action. Most of the lower range Gibsons come with rapsodic setup. Either good, or poor. Anyways, on any new instruments, I would suggest a complete setup to be performed. Because the needs of players are different, the instruments have to be fine-tuned to ones requirements.


Also, make Yourself a favor: if You can manage, try a couple of them before purchasing. Mail-orders are risky.


Hope it helps.


Cheers... Bence

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Hey Bence thanks for your reply man! I'm nursing a physical injury at the moment so I can't get to the store to try any, not until I'm fixed up anyway! So, my girlfriend will be going to the store for me (to buy one)


I know it'd be the smart thing to do but I'm an impatient idiot when it comes to guitars hahahahaha I just LOVE the way these LPJ's look, they're so beaten and worn out looking. I'm a metal guitarist so I'm attracted to things like that. I'm gonna have a battery cavity routed into the back so I can stick some active Duncan's in there


You're right about internet ordered instruments, every single guitar I've ordered online was a disaster. Fret buzz, bad set ups, just terrible (and they were all 'higher end' instruments)


On a separate note, have you ever played a Gibson LP that would be good for thrash metal/shredding style stuff? How about the Explorers, are they any good? For years I've been using Jacksons and ESP's and so on but they all look like toys now, I hate their paintjobs and so on. I want a guitar that looks like a guitar, that's why I'm gonna give Gibson a whirl

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A Gibson LP is a great instrument for all genres. Also, lot (if not most) of the things depend on the amp and effects settings. I use both my P-90-equipped LP, and the Classic Custom for neo-classical style diatonic shredding and both sound great!


I don't know anything about Explorers, although I assume due to their all-mahogany body, they sound darker.


I guess there is enough room in the control cavity for batteries - no need to damage the instrument...


Cheers... Bence

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I too am looking at an LPJ. Going to check out a white one soon.


I used to be a big Charvel/Jackson and BC Rich guy and still love them, but want an LP.


As far as "shredding". As I said, I come from the 80's shred scene and while I've liked every LP I've ever played, I own an 85 Explorer that I love. It is my favorite guitar even though it is old and tired.


I've tried EMG's in it and didn't like them, but it currently has a Dimarzio super distortion in the bridge and a Jackson Vintage Jazz in the neck. I've also added a push/pull phase knob.


With the right amp.......I've always had Bedrock's and Laney's, it's an animal. As stated above, definately a bit of a darker tone, but I like that.

What I love about it is it will melt your face, but can also clean up well. My idea of clean is more of a ratty blues sound......not a true steril clean that some like.


Good luck.


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