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Ever needed to slow a video down to learn a song?


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I just read the thread by EuroAussie "Can you work out songs, licks by ear ?" so I decided to make a new post about this little free video player I use.


It is called VLC player and it is an Open Source (free) program.





I am a Linux user and the big Download link is for Linux but just below that in small letters is a link to "Other Versions" where you will find Windowz and Mac versions.



This program will allow you to slow video down without changing the pitch. So if you have a You Tube downloader and save music videos you can learn songs much easier.


It is easy to slow things down by just clicking on <Playback> and then <Speed>


It also has a looping function so you can loop a single part over and over.



This is one of the best video players I have found and works great.



The best part is it is free and as typical with linux there are no strings attached (no adds, or limited time before you have to buy).






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Yes, I use such program quite regularly to slow down a track, especially for lead runs and fingerpicking.


I mainly use Riffmaster pro which is great at slowing down and keeping at pitch, along with EQ and other features.

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I remember slowing down vinyl from 33 1/3 down to 16 so we could learn Black Sabbath tunes. This video slowing thing sounds like the ticket, but I have not the patience - if I can't pick it up on the first or second pass, I tend to move on.

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I have heard of Riffmaster and it looks like a great program especially if you use an iphone. I actually use to have a little black box that did the same thing. I can't remember what it was called but it worked on the same idea. VLC is for video so you can slow the video (the audio is also slowed down but the pitch stays the same). That way you can follow along and see what fingering someone is using.


Maybe not for everyone but I found it to be a big help (and its free).



@ duluthdan, Yea I did the same thing. I use to tape a pencil with the eraser against the platter to slow things down... Ah yes Black Sabbath... The last band I played in back in the 70's did a lot of Black Sabbath. I played Bass in that band and loved playing Sabbath.

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