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My Vintage Vox Wah Wah like new-finally.


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In 1969 I bought my used '66/'67 Vox Clyde McCoy wah wah pedal and was thrilled because I now had the exact pedal that my hero Jimi used.Unfortunately the pot wore out and became very scratchy in no time and after dismantling and cleaning it over the years,it finally fell apart.I tried many replacement pots over the years including Dunlop Hot Potz and couldn't find any that came close to the original pot in performance or tone,I even wrote Roger Mayer and asked his expert input-he suggested a 100K Bourne lineal taper pot but I couldn't find any anywhere.Anyway after buying the new Vox 846 HW hand-wired wah wah I was amazed by how much the pot performed and sounded like the old Clyde did in it's early life so my friends at Reid Music in Mt. Pearl,NL,Canada ordered the hand-wired pot from Korg for me and now the old Clyde gives me the same burbling wah sound that you can hear from Jimi's and when I put my Strat through my JCM 800-2204 stack with the Clyde and the old 69 Big Muff Pi I can nail the real "Voodoo Child (slight return)" sound so much that it's uncanny-now if I could only manage to get my old decrepit hands in shape to do a reasonable facsimile of "Machine Gun",I'd be happy....lol.


It's great to have the old pedal up to its original peak playing condition and now I have even more incentive to keep up the playing despite the pain and cramping in the old mitts,of course it doesn't hurt that the old relic is now worth anywhere from $900 and up.But then again Bill Gates,Richard Branson and Donald Trump don't have enough cash between them to get this puppy from me...unless they can find one that Jimi himself owned,to trade.

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