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Kalamazoo Gals in Nashville


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Looks like a dangerous shop in a dangerous spot - keep your head down, JT!


(I just watched the movie "Outlaw Country" set around Nashville and surrounds - has a few old Gibson acoustics in it but more as props to the singin' fools...)




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Thanks, gents!


A movie set in Nashville and displaying old Gibsons? I've got to check it out.





A bit syruppy, well a fair bit schuckkkyy:




Lucky you didn't see it before you went to Nashville or you would have been jumpy!


It was from 2010 and I should have taped it - I saw a early Gibson CF-100 (E???) as the hero's main guitar and an old SJ that was supposed to be his father's guitar....etc. I couldn't get a good look, but it may have been a Banner!!


I found a Trailer!




Lucky you didn't "Fall In The Vortex.....", JT!





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