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70's pickups and price


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I have tricky dubt, You tell me that my Gibson custom is from 70's 'cose guitar have pancake body, but I find in a blue book, where I checked my serial number, guitar is from '63 or '67.

Can you tell me something abouth picups that gibson used in that time, mine are black and marked with big "T" letter and "hp", and have some 1-4 marks.

Can you tell me something abouth basic diferences betwen "custom" and "standard" like in tone ect. and if you know can you tell me abouth price of custom les paul like mine (very good- exelent condition)



P.S. Sorry abuth my bad english #-o

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we used 6-digit serial number in both the '60s and '70s, and in MANY cases it is impossible to designate a specific year to a guitar. check to see if it it says "made in the USA" below the serial number...if, so the guitar is definitely from the '70s, as we did not start putting that on the guitars until 1970.


the pickups sound like what is called "T-tops"...

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