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Les Paul Studio price increase?


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Hi, I'm new to the forums. Honestly, I made this account just to ask this question..


But anyways, I've been saving up for a Les Paul studio for about nine months now (not able to get a job etc.) and I thought I'd saved up enough money (1300$ CA). I went to the guitar shop that I planned to buy from (Guitar Works) and they had increased the prices on all of the les paul models as well as other gibson guitars by 400$ or more.


I asked some of the staff members at the shop, and the first one said that the price increase was because of 'the economy' and the next said that 'the price of wood has increased dramatically'


Now, I guess that those are both valid reasons but it seemed pretty weird... It seemed pretty suspect for the studio models because the three colors that I was considering (wine red, classic white and alpine white) were priced fairly differently. The Wine Red was about 1500$, the classic white was 1650$ and the alpine white was about 1700$


Are these price increases correct, or are they just trying to rip me off because it's around Christmas time and they feel that they can sell them at this price?

Like.. should I expect the prices to go down after the new year, or just try and save up an extra ~400$?

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I would imagine they will be on sale after the holidays. Most shops want to decrease inventory before tax time.


I would make them a decent offer after Xmas. I doubt they will turn it down, unless it's a very in demand model.

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they're definitely jacking it up for the holidays. keep an eye out for now and wait and see if they lower it again or go somewhere else (maybe online? some online music stores are drastically cheaper than in-store)


Phil is right,


After xmas...they will advertise them in the Sale's at 400 off the ticket price! It s a common trick used here in the UK!


They just jack it up to bring it down again! Wankers..



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Likely a more realistic answer, given your local, is the precipitous drop in the Canadian dollar.


I was in the process of buying a Classic Antique in late October and the store attempted to raise the price after I placed a downpayment and ordered. Slippery. I got the guitar at the original price, about $400 cheaper.


Not a commercial for, and I don't work for them, but I find Long and McQuade's doesn't rip you off. Their price is their price and not a starting bid. They'll price match, which saved me over $200 on a Orange Rocker 30, and generally have very liberal customer policies. Give them a try, if you can't wait (who can for a Les Paul?) they have financing.


I would expect sales to be robust in the New Year. The economy is going to get a worse before it gets better and they'll need to move gear. Sitting tight might payoff.


I hope Santa helps you out with some cash.


Good luck getting the LP.

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Alright' date=' thanks guys. Your advice definitely helped.


I'll check out L&M ASAP, and I think I'll hold off until they bring their prices down.

It's just been so hard to wait. This will be my first les paul and biggest music-related purchase I've made up to now.



Check out this site:




This store can be on the high side, so L&M might be an option. Price differences on colours not outrageous.

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