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What Is This Old Martin Plastic Case?


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As mentioned in the other thread, below is the broken Martin case that my Gibson L-0 came in.


When I was at the luthier getting the L-0 looked at, he said the case was a ...oh! it's one of those .....fixty447123456B/...? or something , but I was more concerned about the guitar and can't remember what he said...


Is it worth fixing? 2 latches and the back hinges are gone.


Or piff it?









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I don't think there are anything special, but that is just my opinion. We have a couple, as well as the older blue ones, and we do use them. One of these houses this guy:




What is the old joke -- how do you keep your Gibson from being stolen? -- put it in a Martin case. Of course the other joke works too.





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Luggage repair shop, if they still exist. Did he call it a "steal me" case? I have a friend who carries his 1962 Fender Strat in a beat up old gig bag instead of the old tweed case he has for it for precisely that reason. If it were mine, I'd deep six it. Not the Strat, [scared] your old case.

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