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Glue for knobs

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I am not sure. I once killed transparent knobs using contact adhesive. They obviously don't stand any solvents except water. Some speed knobs broke into pieces making crackling noises after getting in touch with contact cleaner. They seem to be made of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), and that stuff is very sensitive.


I use water-based paper adhesives for them since a long time without problems. Wood glue should be fine, too.

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Thanks for the speedy replies.

Took fright and went with wood glue on the basis that can be fetched off if it doesn't work then i will try contact adhesive.


Looks ok up to now.



I just used a dab of black silicone gasket maker the other day, worked great, not sure of any long term damage. Does anyone know what Gibson uses? Are the discs just pushed in?

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