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Embedded YouTube videos on ipad


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Several of us iPad users who upgraded to ios 7 have commented that we can no longer view embedded videos on this forum. Instead a white space appears where the video should be. Clearing your history and cache and then returning to the site is a work around but it is a major PITA. Try this... It works for me.



1. Make sure the page has fully loaded

2. Click on the white area where the video should be.

3. You should see the clock turning in the upper left corner of the screen indicating the streaming is starting.

4. After a few seconds you should start to hear the audio.

5. After about a minute, touch the area where the video should be and the video should appear.



I have no idea why, but this works for me now, every time. Sometimes I have to scroll down the page and then back up to the OP with video for it to work, but either way it is better that having to clear history and cache each time....Good luck.

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I have been using the Puffin browser as PM recommended.


The videos DO show up, but the sound quality can be a bit iffy - sometimes sounds like there are 2 versions running at once... If that starts to happen, there is a link to Youtube to click and th problemo goes away...




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