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I picked up a Mosrite guitar at a garage sale for a whopping $75.00 Guitar was complete other than the tremelo arm. I refinished it, put it back together, and it plays and sounds great. Has that unique Mosrite sound. I have been looking for a Mosrite case for quite a while, and have found a few with average prices about $275.00 and up from there. Thought about building a case, as that would not be a problem for me, but just would rather buy a case if I could find one that would fit.

The Mosrites are about 2" longer than say a Stratocaster. If I remember right it is 43" long.

Does any one know of a case or a guitar that is longer that a Stratocaster. I checked out some bass guitar cases, but they are too wide.

thanks for any help


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Thanks Tom

They have the size case that will work!

I have never heard of these cases before.

I did get a response back from Sweetwater, and they checked every size case they had, but nothing has the right length

Then I check the link you sent me, and per the specs, it will work with about 1" to spare on the overall length.

Not looking for a high dollar case, but want some thing better than the gig bag that it is in now, as it never leaves the house.


great tip appreciate it!!

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I Have not purchased one from them , but they have been recommended by several people to me as great bang for the buck.


Let me know if you get one from them or maybe post something in the reviews.


I'm thinking about getting one for a BC Rick strat I've got.



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