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Question for Thermionik?


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...or some other Brits? I came across some info while perusing an AMP Tech forum, about the re-opening of the Blackburn, UK Mullard Valve factory for production of tubes. I figured that Thermionik might be into the termionic valve(aka tube) and may have heard some buzz from that side of the pond?


Heres the link for the new company... http://www.techtubevalves.com/index.php


Sorry if this is off-topic for this forum...but I enjoy this group the most and it gets a lot of hits!

From the above site you can access a very informative film reel http://www.techtubevalves.com/about_us/film_reels.php of the history and the making of the Mullard valves...cool stuff indeed!

And as a bit of a tie-in...tube amps will make your Gibson acoustic/electrics sound MORE awesome...Rod

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Blackburn MicroTech Solutions (BMS) has been formed from the former Philips Components organisation, itself starting life as the Mullard Radio Valve Company Ltd. They seem to be using the now defunct CRT TV stuff.....


The Mullard brand can not now be applied to their products as it is owned by Richardson Electronics of La Fox, IL, who also 'own' the Amperex and Tung-Sol names. The TechTube brand will (and I quote.....) enforce the quality and reliability standards that the Mullard brand stood for and is now revered for in the market place.


E813CC (ECC83 aka 12AX7)

E812CC (ECC82 aka 12AU7)

E811CC (ECC81 aka 12AT7)

Are all 2008 products, built to new designs and priced at £20 - £30 GBSterling.


Power valves planned for 2009 may be EL34, EL84, KT66 and similar.


My hope is that 'new design' means 'improved design' rather than cheaper to produce, or easier to assemble - but the proof is in the sound, and I have not heard them yet. Also - at the price for an ECC83/12AX7 substitute, I am going to keep buying old tubes as and when I find them to feed my Bassman, Sound City and LPB2ube.


Anybody out there tried 'em.....

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