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Lyrics translation:


I may be late again

As were late all the others

I will loose today the blame.

To run for like a dog

On your trails of deep

The horizon to smell

And when left without direction

In the snow to listen to.


In the snow to listen to.



We apparently believed in a harvest

As we sowed you moodily

As we watered the soil

With some tears and wine...



But in one old afternoon

We will nod across the sky,

Then I will leave quickly

To seek for your name.

And by the gate of the yard

Тhrough the veil of winter

I'll remember how in bigtime

Once you went from here


Once you went from here...



Promise that once you get there

You will look down from above

Promise that you will never again

Die at random!



I needed this memory

A little something to know

You forgive all the winters

There is no january in paradise


There is no january in paradise



And after all the trails

We will no longer be us

This snow is like you

It will cover all the grеy


It will cover all the grey...



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Yeah, this is good. The guitar sounds great, BUT, I think your voice is even better. This is an intimate song and that's how you make it sound. Perhaps in this song, more than some of your others, I really notice your voice and how clear it is. Even before I read the translation of the lyrics, I got the feeling and emotion. Very cool. [thumbup]

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