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1958 ES125


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I'm way late to this, but here's what I've got from the reference shelves:


My well-worn copy of "Gibson Electrics - The Classic Years" by A. R. Duchossoir doesn't mention lefties of this model at all, but says there were 1,528 full-depth ES-125's shipped in 1958. There were also 1,202 ES-125T (thinlines) that year, 332 ES-125 3/4's (the three-quarter sized version) and 320 ES-125TD's (double pickup thinlines).


My older copy of Gruhn's Guide to Vintage Guitars doesn't mention lefty version either...

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Thank you for the shipping information.


Gibson has no record on how many custom left handed guitars were made. Their records are very bad. When they looked up the s/n, they believe it was shipped in 1962. I assured them that they are incorrect and it was shipped in 1958.


Yes, it is a hollow body sunburst.



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