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my gibson les paul 60s tribute arrived with the tailpiece screws maybe 1/2 screwed in, why is that?


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Adjustment of the tailpiece can be done to one's personal likes. In any case, I would tune the strings completely down before that.


Impressions on the body are bad. Obviously somebody screwed the tailpiece down too far. This is possible on Gibsons since there are no beads on the bushings like on Epiphones.

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Just got into the thought that you maybe take the spaces without finish above the bushings for impressions?


Also wanted to add that the screw heights may vary with the tolerance of the neck angle.

The following pics may show that I am a fan of Speed Knobs, and of the TP-6 fine tuning tailpiece where applicable... [rolleyes]


Gibson USA Les Paul Standard Quilt 2011 (Comment: I had the sloughed areas around the bushings repaired on warranty meanwhile):



Gibson USA Les Paul Standard Premium 2012:



Gibson USA Les Paul Traditional 2013:



Gibson Custom Les Paul Standard Figured 2012:



Epiphone Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus:


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Epiphone uses bushings with beads while Gibson's bushings have none. I think this is due to tradition. They also use different threads. Gibson USA applies metric dimensions since several decades, most of the Gibson Custom and Epiphone instruments have imperial sizes.

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