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What the heck do I have here? (B45012)


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Hi Folks - I recently bought a used Gibson 12-String B45-12, Made in USA, Serial #06181040, and marked "Second" on the back. I purchased it from a gentlemen who took it as a trade. It appears to be in pretty good condition and doesn't look like it's even been played much. It sounds fantastic.


After looking all over the internet I had trouble finding any info about this guitar. The typical orange "Gibson" sticker is not located inside the sound hole. If the serial number is correct (or I did my research correctly) it appears the guitar is from 2001. However, I can't find any info on the 2001 version of the B45-12 anywhere. Can anyone help out by telling me more about it??


I scrolled through the old forum posts and couldn't find much, but did find someone who had one super similar to mine, but their's appeared to be older than I thought this one was. I included photos below, as well as a photo of the one I found on the forum as a reference.



post-62925-029193500 1390837627_thumb.jpg

post-62925-020477300 1390837665_thumb.jpg

post-62925-034639900 1390837676_thumb.jpg

post-62925-052002000 1390837731_thumb.jpg

post-62925-092659300 1390837771_thumb.jpg

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Here's the other one I found on here... Didn't seem to be too much info on it.


Rhum55pitt, what you have there is a b45 deluxe. They were made in the 70's, I think 70-79. The one you posted the picture of is mine, its a 76. They are very plain, silkscreen logo, nothing fancy. As zombywoof said, yours is a 77. 75, 76 and 77 they used a serial number decal, and the first 2 digits are the year code, 99 = 75, 00 = 76 and 06 = 77. I had the neck reset on mine, but since then it has been a fantastic playing and sounding guitar. I hope you are enjoying yours.

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