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I got of work early today and stepped into my local guitar pusher. They haven't yet received any of the 2014 Gibson yet, but their homepage said, at that a single SG Futura had landed, and I wanted to try out the min-etune.



But this post isn't about the min-etune (it worked while I tried it, but my usual salesman was not impressed to say the least).


Anyways, it was one of those rare occasions that I was there just after noon, so the place was empty instead of crowded and I started out trying guitars at random and suddenly I noticed the Gibson ES-390. Just a plain non-figured one, but price was cheap'ish compared to other Gibson hollowbodys and WOW. This thing really impressed me.


I minihumbuckers screamed, but combined with the hollowbody it just worked. Also the neck was just perfect imo. (basically the same neck as on my Howard Roberts Fusion, which is not fully hollow, but has a centerblock).


Also it is light as a feather!


I have a Tele and the Howard Roberts and thought that if I needed something more, it might be an SG or a LP. But this little thing really has gotten under my skin.


It woke inner jazz/blues man. I thought my Howard Roberts was enough and was just looking for an alternative to my Tele for the bandstand (usual cover band stuff 70s- dance hits).


Anyone own or tried one out there? ... What are your experiences and impressions? (add or subtract to slowly starting GAS ... hehe)


The reason I picked it up, is that usually the only fully hollow Gibson available is the ES-175, but the 390s is about 40% cheaper. They also had the ES-330, which was also a new experience to me. A more traditional sound, amazing guitar as well, but the P90s did not scream like the minibuckers on the ES-390. Also it was in the price range of the ES-175.


Here is a picture:


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Yeah .. It made a lasting impression. When I have some free time, I'll give it another spin and then I just might pull the trigger :)



OK, I bought it .. it is wonderful. It really was the missing piece in my guitar puzzle. Light and loud acoustically, so I can enjoy it unamplified and the mini-humbucker in the bridge gives it enough bite, so I can sound funky. Hollowbody and neck equals warmth and sould.


What's not to like .. and a lot cheaper than the 330 or whatever other fully hollow Gibson you might find. [thumbup]

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what is the neck profile on this one ??


I have no idea what it is called, it is not quite baseball like, but in no way skinny. But I think it is pretty standard compared to stuff like the 339. I like it a lot.


Dunno if this is any help. It isn't for me, but maybe for you?


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