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Gibson Hummingbird Quilted Maple


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I have a 2006 Hummingbird Quilt Custom Shop Limited Run of 1 of 20, Having done a lot of research, I had to write Gibson. They confirmed this was a Custom Shop Limited Run, Does anyone have anymore information on these Custom Shop Limited Run Guitars. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Does anyone know what the cost was or is on these types of special run's. Thanks

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this year gibson is doing a quilted maple hummingbird as a core product and to my knowledge it's the first time they have ever done it :





in 2012 I think they offered a flame maple hummingbird as a core product but never a quilted one .

Gibson made a batch of maple hummingbirds in 1963 which were of flamed maple .







$3600 is the price on the 2014 version. I'm not sure how much your's would go for






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