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McCartney strap pin mod


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As I've mentioned in the past, I don't like the feel of the centered strap pin at the neck. To me, the guitar always feels like it wants to fall away. I've posted a diagram, in the past, explaining how I've done this to several of my guitars. Since I just did it to my Sheri, I took a few pictures, (you know what they say, a picture's worth.....)




I used 3/4" alder, cut in a 2 inch "puck" with a hole saw.



I use the binding as a template to sculpt the piece as it's rarely round.



Drill holes in the puck and the horn to align. I use a guitar string to pull it into place.



A little glue on the curved edge and it gets pulled into place, for the glue to dry.



The finished product.


Those with a keen eye may notice that the bass frequensator bale looks a little longer than stock. I located a treble bale, shortened it, used a die to rethread the ends so that I could use the stock acorn nut. The new bale is 3/4" longer, I'll never have a string length issue again. Still one more mod to this guitar, stay tuned.

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