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Patrick James Eggle Saluda Florentine


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These guitars get a lot of raves from Guitarist UK magazine....



Here is a clip of the Patrick James Eggle Saluda Florentine, which is a touch of a mouthful to say if asked what your guitar is....not as easy as..J45.


(And what is the old joke about a guitarist in a suit - off to court?) [bored] [bored] [bored]








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I've got one of these in the shop at the moment, spectacular guitar. It's exceptionally well balanced across the frequency spectrum, and they're beautifully put together. Ours has a Spruce top and Myrtle back and sides.


I prefer names to codes when it comes to guitars. Everyone recognises names such as Stratocaster and Les Paul, but I do sometimes feel like I'm listing car parts when I discuss my Gibson and Martin acoustic. There again, my Fylde is a custom Single Malt - that's a name that gets some double takes!

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