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1966 J45 Acosutic Gibson


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hey guys, I was able to get my hands on this 66 J45 and i done some research and i found out that 1966 is when they first applied the gibson logo onto the pickgaurd, but other than that i cant find any for sell or that have sold to ind get a price idea, its is in killer condition the only flaw is the lacquer :crack but i understand that's normal with its age? i was just wondering if anyone could give me more info, price ideas? I would greatly appreciate it!! imma attempt to post some pictures fingers crossed it works lol





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It would take a serial number to confirm the year between 66-68, but either way it seems like a good, clean original guitar. around 66 they started switching from cherry sunburst back to vintage, so if it were a 66 it might be a bit more rare. The links Jim posted are helpful to gauge, but while these are great players, they don't command the price of early 60s or 50s models. A big factor is the very skinny nut, which if you've got oafy hands like me, takes a lot of time to warm up to and adjust your playing to be a little more precise with less room to work with.


I have a 68, it's my first gibson acoustic, I got it for a pretty fair price and couldnt be happier. It's very warm sounding, some might call it muffled, but I prefer it to the dry sound of some more vintage models.


TL;DR- I'd buy it if the price is right, but know that the neck is really skinny.

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