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  1. congrats on the acquisition of a great guitar! that looks like an epiphone broadway regent e252 from the 60s. pretty rare, so numbers are a little all over the place, but yours looks to be early 60s with a wider nut (easier playing) and in great shape. super cool guitar! should be pretty collectable.
  2. flat back sounds more 50s to me but the finish looks more like those late 40s than the more bumblebee 50s models. definitely an L48. might have been crunched at some point and they replaced the back and refinned?
  3. I was just looking at that as well, and comparing with this '67 at folkway. there's no Union Made on the label, but otherwise looks consistently inconsistent. headstock logo looks the same and you can almost see the grain on the folkway one- perhaps a sanded down headstock then stained? the serial on the back of the headstock puts it in '67, but it being imprinted over the finish doesnt seem right. Jinder's note about the neck heel is probably the most obvous thing that this isn't truly gibson, or if it was, it is no longer even close.
  4. Looks legit, 70s norlin era with cracks in the top. like zomby said that latter part is the the issue and you'd want to see if they have been repaired and how well. Sight unseen I wouldnt pay more than maybe $1000 for it as it sits- plenty of those are clunkers when they aren't damaged, and a top crack isn't going to help
  5. it's really incredible how far some grammar and a good attitude can get you with someone just trying to sell their stuff. The other side of the coin of what you describe are these old timers (probably like sgt pepper) that just respond to your email saying "call me on the phone 6-8am" and refuse to do anything digitally. I'd rather deal with someone that's a jerk that replies quickly by email than have to talk to someone on the phone
  6. Because it's run by a bunch of SF hippies, the only outlet that isnt profit-driven, growth-focused, "going to be the amazon of..." aspiring marketplace killing their users by 1000 cuts is craigslist. it's practically a utility, and when it hits, it hits. got both my Gibsons from there, both screaming deals.
  7. As others have said, amazing acquisition JT and I can't imagine what you must have felt when you first saw pics of it. Certainly found its rightful caretaker, and that's really really cool about your plans to have them be playable in a museum somewhere
  8. There's a shortage on material for creating vinyl, and only a few pressing plants left to meet the demand, and so one more thing where you order something and receive it a few years later. The weird thing about records is that it really wouldnt be a problem if people defaulted to buying used... but instead decide to pay $25 for the seven millionth pressing of Rumours instead of getting a VG copy used for $10
  9. guitars aren't an essential commodity, and Gibson guitars made in the USA by people with healthcare and out of pretty good quality components are even more of a luxury item. If after the last 18 months you are upset about price hikes on new gibson guitars, i dunno man go give money to a food bank or something
  10. on second pass my guess is that this is an L50 refined and a p90 added, maybe by gibson, in the 50s
  11. yea i dont know where they're getting 1946 from since they didnt say there's a FON or something, but non-adjustable p90 and carved back have it early, with that finish probably 40s. I don't think i'd speculate that anything is truly '46 unless it had the script logo, no banner. blurry for sure, but '46 seems to have some cache that make them a little more expensive, so i wouldnt claim it unless i was pretty certain.
  12. this is an issue across all industries worldwide and has been since March 15th 2020 or so. Where have you been? also you've waited 90 days since your first order of arguable the hottest, newest, well-rated budget guitar on the market. go ask a us-based boutique builder to build you as much guitar as $800 will buy you and please report back with what they say, ill bring the popcorn
  13. +1 on this- the royal tan looks like a couple of the later beatles ones but the VS looks like the orginals.
  14. That should do it on showing any future buyers it was not modified. also anyone buying it should be aware that the only thing consistent about gibson is the inconsistency!
  15. it seems like it was a good idea someone had in lockdown of like "all these people are just at home playing for themselves- they don't need to project outward, they just need to hear themselves play!" and then with r&d they're finally out just in time to be pretty much (and hopefully!) irrelevant to that purpose
  16. having watched individual demos i think you're about right- aesthetically the same but that same epi/gibson gap. interesting you say the sound was trapped inside- that's definitely how i feel a lot of epi acoustics are that i've tried out. You can hear that someday they will sound great, but it's going to take years.
  17. Has anyone come across a shootout video between the IBG Frontier vs. the MIUSA Frontier? Given the praise the IBG Hummingbird got i would love to hear/see how close the two frontier models really are
  18. I first read it as a full-maple hummingdove in blue... a hummingjay?
  19. Hopefully this user comes back to check this thread but probably found them elsewhere and this will be a lost cause- please don't put a big decal on the top of the guitar! While the intentions are good if it's a big decal on the top of the guitar or really anywhere on the guitar, it's going to to affect the sound of it and probably make the husband want to peel it off. proceed with caution!
  20. back in my teenage years we believed tone was all in the fingers
  21. nothing crazy special about it, nothing really detracting from it. if it sounds good and feels good, go for it! personally i'd want to see if they were gibson pickups- you could probably tell just hearing them played through a clean amp, but there's ways to confirm by opening it up. I'd offer the full asking $650 if they have gibsons, $500 if they dont- clearly he's pricing with the assumption that they are If you can't figure out if they are legit or not, just post photos here and trust the hairbrained opinions of strangers on the internet!
  22. since the timing coincides with its opening, i'd wager these are all hanging on the wall of the Gibson Garage in nashville until they're inspected to be anything less than new, then cycled out and onto reverb. if you bought it from guitar center used it sounds like you double-dipped the discounts and if it sounds great, good deal!
  23. lovely JT! there are times where the more I play my J45 the more I kind of long for the banner LG2 I missed out on years ago- great sound and you look comfortable sitting with it!
  24. as salty says above, the sig model with some aesthetic differences and the cache of being a sig model is only $800 more than the standard. coming off of the shock of the NG 150 upcharge i'd say the NR western is quite reasonable!
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