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Pictures from Homecomming?


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I only took 2 pictures - one of Ren Ferguson reluctantly handing back my newly acquired J-45 Legend [biggrin] , and somewhere buried in my phone a picture of 13 year old Bridgette Reed and her father playing at Music Villa. I only have one loaded to photo bucket. It was a fantastic time - lots of drooling and gushing over guitars - the folks that attend these really really really have outstanding instruments, and there was a handful 0f new acquisitions, and a few new faces. The Music Villa folks were top-notch, Tony P still has his ever thickening beard, perhaps thinking he might post a visual of how it progressed to what it is. The open-mic (unamplified) displayed a fun understanding group - I have little tactile sensation in my left hand, from MS, and I have to eyeball what that hand is doing all the time, the few times I made eye contact with the crowd I would mess up chords, wrong strings, wrong frets, but among friends it wasn't a disaster. [blush] Friday and Saturday night song circles where we all played and sang was the best - and there was respectful sharing of guitars - for instance Ren played mine for awhile, and I played his J-45 Standard. I've got to say, that man has really great sounding guitars right off the production floor.


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