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So a month or so ago my buddy dropped off a Maestro Les Paul... he wanted me to "go crazy" on it, and even suggested trying to fit it with a fog machine [blink] . Someone had given it to him and he wanted me to do some work to customize it. I brought it out to my shop and just couldn't hack into it... it's really not too bad a guitar. Sure, it's a far cry from a Gibson but it's not a garbage guitar either. It really doesn't need a thing... the cheap electronics work fine and it even sounds pretty good... the neck is actually super comfy. The biggest drawback is that it's a real boat anchor!


Well, I saw him tonight at the bar and I told him I thought it was too nice to hack up or do anything too crazy to.... he told me to keep it. I said he really should come pick it up and he insisted I hold on to it. I'm a school teacher so I'm thinking I'll get it set up and playing nice and help out a student who may be interested in guitar but can't afford one. Hopefully it will make some kids day... in the mean time, I guess I can get it set up and noodle around on it.

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That's what I try to do!


Every chance I get I try to pay it forward and help another young prospective musician try to start their own music sojourn.


I've had so many give me gear, axes, help, support, nurturing, and promotion that I can't help but want to do the same for others and there's nothing I love more than giving the gift of that little spark of hope and happiness that just might evoke a personal passion that turns into a life-long quest/journey...


Good on ya!

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