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  1. Blues! Circa 1983 or 1984 or so; a bootleg recording on cassette of John Mayall's Blues Breakers featuring Eric Clapton doing their version of "Steppin' Out" set the whole thing in motion for me! I found the destination of my whole music sojourn when I discovered that song... It has led me to see and even meet many of the pioneers & originators; Buddy Guy, Otis Rush, Hubert Sumlin, and many many more... Culminating in my obsession with British Blues guitar...
  2. Certainly not for the photo stills that play for the audio... But I think this live performance at The Warehouse in New Orleans circa January 30th 1970 was simply amazing! The whole concert can be found on YouTube... Otis Rush's "It Takes Time" as performed by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac:
  3. A little more on the subject; which apparently from my history is one of my very favorite subjects ever... Peter Green, Gary Moore and The Holy Grail Les Paul Ted Drozdowski 10.25.2011 An article on Gibson.com We also have the information from the Gibson Collector's Choice premier relsease: The Collector's Choice™ #1 Introducing the Gary Moore Aged and Melvyn Franks VOS 1959 Les Paul Standard It is not in production currently and the information isn't updated to current; the fact that Metallica's Kirk Hammett now owns it... Supposedly Gibson's reproduction is a magnificent guitar. It better be for $10K+ when they were available... It's still way less than the $2 Mil the original went for, broken/repaired head-stock an' all...
  4. Thanks guys! I still say there's no such thing a handling illicit drugs, I believe there are people that think they handle illicit drugs, but it's usually a fools fantasy! Even pot turns people into utterly useless wasteoids and hold zero value as do people who think it's OK... In my book. (my personal belief and opinion, U don't like it GFY) There are a couple close-but-not-quite points on the topic. I'd like to set the record : Both Peter and Danny were utterly lost from that moment on... Danny has never recovered and still lives in mental institutions and halfway houses to this day... But this thread is about that guitar and I don't want to hijack it so let's get back to that guitar... Here's the gentleman who made my unique custom guitar "Manalishi;" Larry Corsa playing the real Peter Green guitar in 2007 at the Dallas TX guitar show... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQXw9Ir5Iwc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjIkl2IAC7I He's a man who has seriously done his homework in creating custom Peter Green style Les Paul guitars both modified Gibsons and custom made from scratch... Anyone looking for a really inexpensive (Korean made) Peter Green style tribute guitar I cannot say enough about the Trevor Wilkinson "Vintage" brand guitars and his two Peter Green inspired V100 models.. I own one of them; a V100PGM the new non-reliced gloss model: The also offered a relic "Icon Series" version that was released first before they released this gloss "Reissued Series" version... They are sensational inexpensive guitars and they make every model imaginable; not just Peter Green or tribute guitars and not just Gibson copies... V100PGM Vintage Reissued Series: The V100RPGM Vintiage Icon Series: They are all Retailed and serviced thru a handful of US dealers for the John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd. of The UK: John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd., Salem House, Parkinson Approach, Garforth, Leeds LS25 2HR, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0) 1132 865 381 Fax: +44 (0) 1132 868 515 Registered in London (No. 863562). V.A.T. Registration No. 168 8416 25. I also have 2 other Vintage (brand) guitars; their V100GT; a GoldTop R6-like Les Paul copy and a VS6; an SG copy. The V100Gt is my go-to axe and is my very first (of my adult post-hiatus, in my 40's era) Les Paul type guitar... I love that axe and play it all the time even though I own a real Gibson Les Paul Deluxe now and have the Larry Corsa "Manalishi" Custom too... I've gigged with the Vintage (brand) guitars many times and they perform perfectly. No they're not a Gibson, but they are great guitars!
  5. And I still disagree with that being his greatest solo. Some of it is OK, it was certainly a dramatic departure from his earlier style. Some of it is just mushy and washes-out on that album. Frankly I never much liked his wah work I don't think he had the knack for it... To each his own... I will say this; even when he was "lost" and had seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth with his mental illness and the fallout of his drugs. He was still very prolific in the studio! He made many albums after leaving Fleetwood Mac thru the years before his re-emergence with The Splinter Group in the mid-nineties. There were some really odd happenings during that time; like The Fake Mac being put together and toured by one of the bands road managers and I can think of two potential Peter Green imposters that were doing radio and printed media interviews that were not the real Peter Green, which led to speculation that it was not The Real Peter Green that emerged in The Splinter Group, but it was... One of those radio interviews was busted by Peter's brother (Phil or Mike, I can't remember his name right now) who called in to a live interview and called-out the guy on the radio as he had the real Peter with him in his house sitting next to him and it was quite a little uproar... Any of his work before the end of 1970 when he left Fleetwood Mac is my favorite work of his for sure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyEZcDMtJRo But there are very good and poignant post-F/M pre-Splinter work he's done that I like very much... I do think he's done some Splinter/post-Splinter work that reflects upon his storied life and circumstances that tell that very epic tale that I find amazing: Such as his song; " ." Even though I didn't discover Peter Green or his Fleetwood Mac until I was in my 40's, I immediately found that's what I was looking for in terms of music my whole life and it became an immediate epiphany and spiritual connection... As for his axe, it is THE holy grail! Having said that, in my own playing I find it limiting (for me) because I absolutely love the true Gibson tone of both pickups combined in-phase more than I like it out... But I like having the option to use that out-of-phase atmospheric tone, when I want it, that he revolutionized even if he didn't pioneer it... I get that option with my custom Larry Corsa axe; "Manalishi" with its push-pull pot that gives me in or out of phase wiring instantly... T-Bone Walker and many other originators were doing it long before Peter did. BB King even did it for a short time in his early career too in a nod to T-Bone... And yes some of that was due to the hand-winding dynamics of early pickup manufacturing and repairs as opposed to intentions... I will confess there is just something magic about this particular guitar in the hands of Peter Green! Dan_Carson_P498POM_Final_Report_Sp10.doc - Dan_Carson_P498POM_Final_Report_Sp10.pdf
  6. He's one of the guys I saw when I was doing my research on them. He sounded great with one! I'll vote for his '53-'56 Custom Black Beauty RI signature too! Although I understand it was not a main guitar of his for any serious period from what I can tell... But that won't really help me get my hands on one because I'm sure it would be out of my price range...
  7. Yes, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac was on the original bill for the Premier/Grand-Opening!
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_BhYUadJ90 Man Gregg could pull-off BB King tunes with his voice at such a young age! Amazing! Early days as a cover band... Fun stuff!
  9. Sweet!!! That looks very much like the In-Step tour when I got to see him in 1989... Best concert I ever saw!
  10. OK, not that one, but Debbie Gibson owns a piano that I believe was given to her by Liberace; a mirrored piano. She was featured on Celebrity Ghost Stories about an event surrounding that piano... She's a hottie! alright, where were we? I think I'm definitely missing something alluded to somewhere in the conversation that I'm just not connecting the dots on... I'm definitely in the dark on some level about some parts of this conversation...
  11. I thought I saw somewhere that Debbie Gibson owns this now...
  12. Sorry, but Barry Soetoro proved it so with a daytime raid during work hours by black-out clad, automatic weapons armed, federal agents on Gibson factory workers during business hours... It happened dude!
  13. Players will want nothing to do with this guitar... It's not for players. It's not even for posers either, (not sure I get the posers reference, it sounds like a shot the way it's framed, but that seems unlike you so I'll presume it's not and I simply missed the meaning) it's for investors. It is nothing more than a thing to invest money in. Instead of a bond or piece of paper, it's a physical good for store away and keep for the investment... If you have it stored in a safe place on your own property, you will have something valuable to barter with if banks fail, again... You also won't lose it if banks fail and you have it in your possession...
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