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Paul Weller Model?


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I'm surprised that Gibson or Epiphone haven't released a model based on any of the guitars Weller plays. I've seen him play a Casino, an SG, a J45, a Wiltshire, an AJ Masterbilt, a Texan. Since the mid 90s his 2 main guitars have been a Casino (and it's a beauty and a j45 (looks nice as well). With (imo) lesser artists like Noel Gallagher (and others) having a guitar with tehir name on it I'm surprised there has never been a Weller model.

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Welly's J45 is a 70's or 80's square shoulder.Who would want a re-issue of that?

If it sounds good it's because he's playing it & it's well amplified.


cheers mate


it sounds good unamped but probably becuase it's him playing it!

Casino's aren't (relatively) that expensive - I'm sure they could add a hundred quid (or dollars) or so by his endorsement?

Although I'm sure a lot of people have bought these instruments becuase he has them

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