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Hello BH, and welcome to this forum.


As for my bandmates and me, we are fine with the stock vintage Kluson style tuners on our Gibsons made during the past circa five years. It's rather the opposite, due to problems with stock Grovers from the same period, in particular poorly designed locking ones, we started replacing them with non-locking Schallers.


Is there a specific reason for replacing the tuners on your SG? If not, I would stay with them. Most problems with lack of tuning stability are caused by stringing technique and nut.


Hope this helps.

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are you having problems with any of them?


I would go with Milod's comment, I agree that this is one of these "if it aint broke, don't fix it" situations as well.


I've got plenty of guitars with both, the gibson stock tuners never gave me any doubts.


the other thing to consider is the fit up of a set of say grovers, is that you're going to have exposed screw holes left from the original machine heads.


when and if you decided they're getting a little tired, I would just do a direct replacement (which I've done a few times with the Gibson I've had for a number of years now) the stock tuners seem to be good for around 12 to 15 years before I start to notice a bit excessive backlash. I'd think for a stock item, that's pretty good!

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