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Thunderbird IV Classic Pro noisy...


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Hello to you all,


Despite being almost 30 years a Fender lover, i have purchased my third Epiphone bass: Thunderbird IV Classic Pro. Again, this Epi bass is really awesome...!!!

But, as i have noticed with the other two, it requires a careful setup and a little maintenance out of the box (i purchased it on an online store for the very attractive price).

The first issue i`ve encountered is that one of the two pickups did not work (bridge pu)... I opened the back where there is the electrical and I realized that there was a bad contact, so, the first basic problem is solved.

For the rest, I'm used to, from many years, to setup my own instruments, my T-Bird sounds good and with a comfortable neck action, but, again, i can not figure out why there is an annoying noise that I hear from my amp (Fender Rumble 30).

I tried with two or three very good cables but without success...

I would ask your opinion about that, if you ever had such a problem and how you`ve solved ... It seems strange, in a bass with with two Gibson humbucking :-)


Thank you for your precious attention!

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That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. My Thunderbird has been modified past all rational intentions, but I don't recall it having a noise problem. My Ric sure does, and the occasional Jazz makes a bit of noise. The P doesn't make any noise, nor does the EB-2, which has a humbucker. This doesn't help too much, does it. Sorry.

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I hope this will reach you before you do anything drastic. I bought one of these this weekend and just gigged it last night. Over the last couple of days practice I have had intermittent mains hum buzzing in my Amps. turning 90 degrees to my amps the buzz could be made to vanish almost. But bring up the treble on the bass and the noise was really bad


Here's the thing. After stripping out all the electrics and checking all the joints it turned out the light dimmers in a downstairs room where inducing a mains hum into my guitar.


So before you return it, I would try the guitar out during the day when no lights are on in your house and see if that helps. Its also worth noting that some TV's radiate RF too, one of the worst causes of interference on the RF spectrum is powerline network adapters (if you have these then disconnect them now) so make sure there is nothing on in the house that you don't need on before you rush out a warranty claim.


On the plus side my bass is now totally quiet during the day and last night on the gig.

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I have three Gibson basses that had TB+ humbuckers in them. All of them were perfectly quiet at home and in the studio, but buzzed like crazy in half the places I usually play. I had to bring my Fender P to every gig that was in a "buzz" room or new place - just to be safe. I've since Changed all the pickups - problem solved. I suppose the problem originated with improper wiring at some of these bars, but there's nothing I could do about that. I hope you don't have the same problems I did. msp_confused.gif

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