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So I did it, Got my hands on a new 2015 SG Special in Translucent Ebony. Fit and finish on this guitar is perfect. The fret work is flawless. The best finished fret board and frets I've seen on a new guitar for around $1000 in a long time. So here's the run down on the pros and cons.


Fit and Finish, '61 Zebra P/U's, Excelent fret work, zero fret nut, satin finished hardware.


Creme colored P/U rings and togle washer, cheap top hat knobs, cheap pebble finished black plastic control cover, G-Force tuner, plastic case (just not proper for Gibson, Fender maybe).

So what did I do almost imediately? Swapped out the creme colored plastic parts for black, real black and silver top hats and white togle switch knob. Right away the guitar looked more elegant. I kept an open mind with the G-Force but the damn thing is too complicated and the guitar is never really perfectly in tune. It was a boar just to check the intonation. So after a few days, I swaped the G-Force out for some Gibson Deluxe Vinatge tuners. Very easy swap but you have to clean up the peghead holes and carefully drill 12 mounting hole or at least they are pilots so as not to split the headstock. Strung it up with D'ardario's 10's, reset the relief, action is as low as 3/64 and spot on intonation and the zero fret nut keeps the action super light up top and bright on open strings. The guitar is awesome now. One more thing I have to mention is the slightly wider neck. I adapted right away but it definately feels different. I suppose if you have smaller hands this might be a problem. Lastly I have a proper TKL case on the way for this beautiful guitar. All tolled the tuners, plastic parts and case all come out to about $200.00. Gibson could have left the G-force as optional and shipped it with a proper case and kept the price the same or even lower. One more thing, the Les Paul logo and hologram...well I can live with them. I guess they can be chalked up to that oddity on 2015 model year, that makes it somewhat charming...maybe.

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